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As a young person, you most likely struggle to find what makes you tick career-wise. We all want a fulfilling career, but the path to discovering what makes us want to wake up each morning is not a smooth one.

Moreover, you also want something that will bring in the bucks to cater to your financial needs.

Finding your ideal career can be a murky road of taking the ‘wrong’ courses at school and getting into the ‘wrong’ jobs.

Nevertheless, you should realize that every part of your life may be leading you to where you are supposed to be. More often than not, life’s experiences do not go to waste.

If you love some career advice from some of the most respected names and business people in the world, check out these words of wisdom from successful leaders and entrepreneurs including Tony Robbins, Richard Branson, and Sheryl Sandberg.

1. Sheryl Sandberg

According to the Chief Operating Officer (COO) at Facebook, Sherly Sandberg – you do not need to have your life all figured out. There is no sure path to where you want to be. The COO recommends that you have a long-term goal toward which you are working, as well as a concrete list of short-term goals.

The long-term path connects you with your future and allows you to dream big, while the short-term plan keeps you pushing and focused. Try doing whatever you are afraid of as that may be where you need to be.

2. Richard Branson

The Virgin Group chairman and founder Richard Branson cherish the wise words of his mother. His motto is never to look back in regret, but instead move on to the next thing.

Do not waste time dwelling on failures; instead, invest that energy into another project. Setbacks should be learning opportunities.

3. Warren Buffett

The CEO and chairman of Berkshire Hathaway Warren Buffett – shared his wise words during an interview with Yahoo in 2010. His colleague, Thomas Murphy, once told him (in very many words) that he should exercise restraint and humility when dealing with people.

Buffett has also been reported advising a seventh-grader on how to make friends and maintain good work relationships. The key is to change your behavior and emulate the good qualities you see in your role models.

4. Bill Gates

As Buffet was learning from Thomas – Bill Gates was emulating Buffet’s policy of keeping things simple.

The Microsoft chairman and cofounder admired Buffet’s simplicity in doing almost everything and called it ‘a special form of genius.’ Gates found out that Buffet had the simplest calendar, chose the simplest investment options, and could shrink things down and focus on what mattered.

5. Tony Robbins

The inspirational speaker, best-selling author, philanthropist, and billionaire businessman was once looking at a stalling career when the late Jim Rohn brought him to light.

Rohn advised Tony Robbins to stop focusing on making things happen faster than they should and instead, add value to himself so he could be more invaluable compared to the rest. To add value, he was told to learn the necessary skills which will cause him to grow. This is a piece of important career advice to follow.

7 Pieces of Career Advice for Young Professionals from Successful People | CareerMetis.com

6. Ivanka Trump

Ivanka inspires many with her entrepreneurship skills and wit. The owner of the Ivanka Trump lifestyle brand advice people to keep trying new things until they find what they love.

According to Ivanka, you should work to determine what you are passionate about earlier in life as passion is difficult to discover through introspection.

Having different experiences will eventually help you to find what makes you tick. Identify your interests and pursue them. Once you find your passion, put in all the work because that is where your success lies.

7. Maya Angelou

According to the late author, dancer, actress, poet, and singer Maya Angelou, you do not have to take what life gives you. If life puts you on a road that you do not like, make a whole new path for yourself. You can achieve what you want despite your circumstances, so situations or people must not hinder you.

What more could be better than to learn from those who have made it in life?

Which of these seven pieces of career advice has triggered the most inspiration in you?


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