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Some people wish to find adventures and cultural differences, while others. A better life. However, working abroad had never been more popular than it is now and according to a BCG study, which surveyed over 200,000 people from 189, a global average of willingness to work abroad is already 63.8%.

While the US and UK have declared a strong position against emigrants, other countries as Germany, Singapore, or France ease the system to attract the best talents in the world. And here, among the top destinations for working abroad in Canada with its magnificent cities and wonderful nature.

If you wish to work abroad, Canada is a highly recommended country because diversity is huge, attitude to foreigners is positive and most important. It is easy to find a minimum wage job that is enough to live a decent life without a hassle.


Minimum wage levels by jurisdiction. Assuming a 40-hour workweek. The gross monthly income ranges from C$1858 (US$1462) to C$2,357 (US$1854). Taxes cut 30%.

However, the biggest cut from earning is for an apartment. Further from the center (20-30 minutes by bike) studio type of flat cost around C$1000 per month. So it is cheaper to live in two or three to share expenses.

While a fare for 90 minutes of public transport cost around $3.25 ($150 per month) it is so much more worth using a bicycle. After all, the system for bikes is one of the most convenient in the world and public bikes cost $90 per month.

How Easy Is to Find a Minimum Wage Job

Around 300,000 new workers come to Canada each year from all around the world on a Temporary Work Permit. It is not hard (nor easy) to handle visas and status permit and the process takes several months.

To find a minimum wage job in Canada is very easy. According to, Linas, Lithuanian engineer who moved to Toronto three months ago. At least during the summer, it is really easy to find a survival job. There are many “help wanted/hiring” signs hanging on the front door.

“I found my first job in half a day, – he told recently- and I don’t know anyone who can‘t find a job for a long time. The diversity in Toronto is incredible and as a person from Europe, I did not have any particular discrimination towards me – most of the people are quite open and are interested to hear my story. Though I have realized that if you want to get a Canadian friend you really need to perfect the language – otherwise they will get tired of always leading the conversation.”

Linas from Lithuania

1 Linas – a civil engineer from Lithuania

Another guy, Paul, a recent marketing grad, who moved to Vancouver a few years ago, stressed the importance of personal contact.

“The best approach is to go door to door and meet the potential employer in person,- told Paul with a smile.- By this, they might offer a job on the spot. I was searching for customer service jobs in the food industry and the easiest way to get an interview was to handle my crafted resume to the manager.”

In a Search for a High Paying Job

Despite the fact, it is really easy to get a job for a minimum wage no matter your skin color or lack of skills. It is a bit harder to find a highly paid job in a niche industry.

These jobs require experience and good skills list. So it is almost impossible to get in on the spot simply handling a resume to a manager or administrator.

The best way to find a job with above the average salary is to be recommended by inside employees so making new friends in a new city is highly recommended.

The most popular job boards in Canada are Indeed and Craigslist which both offer more than a hundred thousand open jobs.

“I’ve been in several engineering job interviews by sending my resume via Indeed but I haven’t received any further replies, – said Linas without any sorrow, – It’s a bit hard to get a good job in a big company but I suppose I am not spending much of my free time searching for a better opportunity. I am a new guy in this city and meeting new friends take most of my time. Though my salary is not enough to save money on travel.”

However, if you are a professional in a niche industry it is only a question of time when you find a great job.


Companies search for professionals who have proved their experience by numerous successful results. So the most important step in a job search is simply highlighting the required skills in your one-page targeted resume.

Canada can offer great jobs for talents but it won’t offer you work instantly and on the spot simply. Because you are an immigrant. Only when you able to solve companies’ problems.   

Canada is a huge and interesting country that attracts more than 300,000 talents from all around the world every year. Even charming Prime Minister Justin Trudeau spends some of his time greeting newcomers in the airport to show the world that Canada is an open and friendly country.

Since the cost of living in such cities as California or New York is already above the norm, the US is no longer a country that offers decent jobs for everyone.

The new American Dream is called Canadian Dream since this country offers not only open job opportunities but also an incredible environment for every single newcomer.

So if you think about working abroad, you are always welcome in Canada. A country where you find not only rich nature and happiness but also place in society. No matter your religion, skin color, or original country.

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Azuolas Oak Lomonosovas works at smart resume builder Wozber. Besides that, he is interested in science, business logic, and arts. You can connect with him on Linkedin and Twitter.

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