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A teacher plays an essential role in shaping the life of a student. They provide knowledge and work hard on building skills of students so that students can live a happy life. The teachers are known as the best source of knowledge and enlightenment to the children. There are many people who want to pursue various courses to become an excellent teacher. These people want to guide students and help the nation grow through their noble cause.

With time changing the internet plays an important role in today’s time,  in providing education. Students are saying bye-bye to the traditional ways of classroom study and have entered the world of online education. Students find it to be more comfortable than classroom studies and believe in the benefits of online classes.

According to the World Economic Forum “In 2017, the global market for online education reached an enormous $255 billion and it shows no signs of slowing down”.  This simply proves how online education is growing at an unprecedented rate.

As the demand for online education is increasing, so is the demand for online tutors. There are many people who are in doubt that being an online tutor is a sustainable career or not.

Well to understand this question we’ll have to understand the benefits of being an online teacher, as the benefits can show how it could be a good career that can help someone making a sound decision aspiring to become an online tutor.

The Benefits of Being an Online Teacher

1. Flexibility with Time and Location

Location can be an issue while visiting the school every day and completing the number of hours by continuously taking classes. Some people prefer work-from-home jobs which provide total flexibility to go about the day. The time could also be a major issue for many teachers, and they want to teach students according to their time of comfort.

Teaching online provides flexibility to teachers as well to the students that they can choose their time of study according to their comfortability and availability.

2. Teachers Get Various Opportunities to Teach

Online teachers are not a constraint to teach students from their surroundings only. They can teach international students as well and know more about the teaching techniques and the education system of other countries. This helps the teacher to gain more exposure, knowledge, and explore more in his field by teaching students of various disciplines, backgrounds, and cultures.

Often it has been seen that tutors from Asian, South-Asian countries tend to be much better in tough courses such as Math, Science. The online mode gives these tutors an opportunity to tutor students around the world looking for online Science tutors, English tutors and, Math tutors.

3. Fewer Burdens Lead to Better Administration

The online tutors can become a pro in handling administration because like the traditional classroom teaching the online teachers don’t have to pay attention to numerous students. They must concentrate on one or a few students, therefore, it makes them better in administration.

Their tutoring online approach gets microscopic since they are required to cater to students’ individual needs of learning which forces them to think more strategically.

4. Able to Concentrate More on Teaching Rather Than Handling the Students

Students in a group or classroom can be a mess sometimes and it can lead to stress for teachers. There are many people amongst us who have the long-lost passion for teaching, who want to serve the world by educating but step back thinking they won’t be able to handle students in a classroom.

Teaching Math Online

In such a case, online teaching can be the best option. Because in one to one teaching, you can handle the student and more concentration can be paid on teaching rather than handling a group of students. It is always easier to handle one student rather asking many students to not make noise and pay attention to studies.

5. Access to More Information

The teacher is not only restricted to the traditional ways of gathering information like books. The web can provide easy and quick access to a huge amount of information. Online teachers have the option to build creative ways and teach students and ask them to study through various online websites like Chegg, CrunchGrade, Skooli, etc.

These online tutoring platforms provide interesting dashboards where students can share files, graphs, files which makes learning more interactive. This helps students to take more interest in learning and a teacher will be able to guide the student in creative ways.

6. Teachers Can Choose the Subjects They Want to Teach

There are several times when a teacher can be an expert in more than one subject. Well, online teaching helps a teacher to teach more than one subject which helps them to utilize and enhance their knowledge.

In schools and universities, teachers are hired for only one subject. This doesn’t happen in online teaching and makes an online tutor unique from the schoolteachers. It also provides an opportunity for online tutors to earn more than traditional

7. Online Teaching Certification

There are various universities that provide online teaching certifications. These certifications help you to understand the requirement and enhance your skills in online teaching. They guide you and make you the best in teaching online.

These are the main benefits of becoming an online tutor. Due to the rapid growth of technology the demand for online tutors is very high.

According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), “the employment for professors, including online instructors, is expected to grow by 13% between 2014 and 2024. This rate is faster than the average projected rate for all occupations during that time period”. The benefits show how a teacher can have a sustainable career tutoring online.

In the last five years, online education has become a very important thing. There can be short courses, degrees, tuition, and everything requires good teachers who can teach students. Online teachers should be comfortable with technology and curious to learn new things.

They should be passionate about connecting with students and be very patient and resourceful. So, stop getting confused with the question of tutoring online with a sustainable career, join this new learning revolution because becoming an online tutor can be a great career choice.

Written By
Aditya Singhal is the co-founder of CrunchGrade, an online tutoring platform for students. It is his passion and vision to incorporate technology with education to help students not just thrive but excel through e-learning mediums and tools. He had worked with Kurt Salmon Associates, a reputed American Management Consultancy. Reach out to him on Facebook, Linkedin here!

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