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For companies, employee productivity should be a priority all year round. We usually hear about one-time strategies that employers implement during the holiday season to keep employees motivated but in reality, the idea is not good enough to prevent long-term seasonal distractions.

Be it customer satisfaction, handling large business endowments, or driving key company metrics, an investment in employee productivity is a long-term investment in people that are at the core of business success.

Strong camaraderie between employees and the higher-ups increases recognition, makes communication easier, and forms a strong company culture that inspires employees to work with genuine interest each day of the year.  

Doing nothing is Risky.

Nowadays, jobs are much more transient. Company owners have a genuine interest in wanting to keep their employees happy since the chances of their workers quitting to join a better, more progressive organization are extremely high.

Keeping your workers satisfied is essential for maximizing profits and minimizing costs; running the business smoothly as a result. Fortunately for you, it doesn’t require much to keep most employees happy and productive – and of course, your company profitable.

Here are the 5 basic ideas aiming to increase work productivity no matter what the case or season.

1. Get Rid of Demoralizers and Motivation-Killers

According to a recent survey published by the Bureau of Labour Statistics, Americans, on average, spend 9 hours a day in the workplace. The number even surpasses the hours spent sleeping. Because the individuals spend so much time with their co-workers rather than with their families, they are likely to get affected by bad moods daily.

A highly motivated, sparked-up employee tends to create a positive environment in the workplace while an unmotivated employee is destructive and demoralizing. As a business owner, you need to identify mood-busters, motivation killers in the workplace.

By carefully observing the work environment, you can easily detect problem areas that adversely affect employee motivation.

Typical examples of motivation killers are the absence of opportunity for professional development, lack of organization goals, abrasive co-workers, poor communication systems, and most of all, the feeling of lack of appreciation/recognition. Addressing each of these problems individually is important to keep the workplace free of toxicity. 

2. Creating a Familial Atmosphere

By asking you to create a family atmosphere at the workplace, we are not talking about treating your employees like you would treat your brother or father. Think more along the lines of a nephew or distant cousin. We all have the kind of extended family members that we can’t tolerate but we will never stand for outsiders talking negatively about them.

We have the best in mind and heart for them always. The same concept should be applied to employees. Make sure your workers are comfortable and you are aware if someone is struggling with problems at work. Let them know that regardless of how you feel about them or the sternness of your behavior, you will always have their backs and are even willing to go to war for them. 

3. Employee Happiness Should Matter

Employee burnout can be detrimental to worker well-being and productivity. Without a healthy work-life balance, employees can become frustrated and, as a result, lose motivation. Shawn Achor, a newly announced keynote speaker for WorkHuman 2016 and happiness expert, has spent most of his life studying the link between happiness and life success.

According to his research, it is important to prioritize employee happiness because the brain of a positive person is 31 percent more productive than the brain of someone that is feeling negative.

Employees are humans and have lives outside of the workplace. The lives outside work should always take precedence over the latter. The college student you recently hired may have a final year to complete to graduate.

The single mother may not always have a babysitter lined up. As a leader, you must be respectful and understanding when life happens to your employees. Refreshed and happy employees will ultimately be more productive for your company and its profit margins.  

4. Environment, Breaks and Workout Time

Office furniture, décor, surrounding noise, and temperature can all affect the productivity levels of your workplace. Unorganized, dirty offices make it difficult for individuals to stay motivated. Bored or sick workers can never be productive, therefore, make sure the work environment is comfortable. Try creating a stylish décor with practical furniture in opposition with dull, boring surroundings.

On the other hand, health risks associated with sitting in one place for more than 8 hours is immense. Enforcing regular breaks with few hours of in-office work out time will not only get the blood running but will improve employee focus.

Regular exercise does more than just keeping the heart-healthy.  Exercise, when combined with herbal teas and essential protein supplements, can also give your brain a boost of endorphins and sharpen memory.

Offer your employees free gym memberships as an incentive; encouraging them to get moving and work out. It could be before work, at lunch, or the end of the day but an everyday gym session will help employees feel like they are doing more than just sitting behind their desks all day. 

5. Employees Are Equals

“Employees who believe that management is concerned about them as a whole person – not just an employee – are more productive, more satisfied, more fulfilled. Satisfied employees mean satisfied customers, which leads to profitability,”

says Anne M. Mulcahy, Former CEO of Xerox Corporation.

We all have been through the discouraging experience of having a peer who was viewed as the ‘favorite’ amongst teachers. We also remember how resentful that made us. Even at the workplace, there is nothing worse than seeing employees being taken as unequally competent.

If you’re a boss having favorites, you run the risk of having a dangerously divided workforce. During times when competition for work is the highest, remember that you are being watched by your managers and supervisors. You were put in charge for a reason. Utilize your employees properly and your company will do better than you ever imagined.

Maintaining worker productivity and motivation in the workplace is not always an accomplishable task for an employer. The key things to remember for employee motivation are mentioned in this article and once thoughtfully executed, will bring you on the right track with any office workforce.


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