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Creativity is the act of generating new and imaginative ideas, alternatives, or possibilities. Creativity is seeing things from a different perspective, a new light. Creativity is hard to define and cherished. Quite frankly, creativity can be difficult.

Whether you’re working on the next phase of an iconic project, brainstorming future strategies or need an idea to help you take your career to the next level, there’s nothing quite like not knowing where to begin. You may have all these amazing ideas one moment and the next thing you know it’s a blank slate.

People are creatures of habit and the sad truth is that getting into a groove, whether in your professional or personal life, can also get you stuck in a creative rut.

Are you in a Creative Rut?

Similar patterns in thought processes and day-to-day activities can lead to developing habits that ruin your creative thinking. While these routines are comfortable, they can be holding you back. Are you dimming your creative spark?

Ask yourself a few questions to find out:

  • Is your professional or personal schedule repetitive (what you do, what time you meet, and whom you meet with?)
  • When’s the last time you changed up your work environment, worked remotely, or at a coffee shop?
  • Do you find yourself doubting new ideas and saying, “It’s already been done.”
  • Do you see roadblocks and barriers between you and your goals?
  • When is the last time you were inspired?

There are many ways to boost creativity and replenish your imaginative inventory. Things like taking a break from the computer, getting outside, or changing up your environment.

Whether you have a plan set in motion to get you to the next level or are unsure where to start being inspired is a great place to start. Because when you’re inspired, anything is possible.

How to Get Inspired

Inspiration is defined as the process of being mentally stimulated to do or feel something, especially to do something creative. The popular media company TED (short for Technology, Entertainment and, Design) has got inspiration down to a science.

Their global community is devoted to making powerful ideas accessible and sparking conversation, innovation, and change. With a wide range of inspired thinkers that have titles to prove it, Ted speakers share a wealth of knowledge to encourage people all around the world.

To help you replenish your creative spark and get inspired, Invaluable compiled a list of 15 must-listen Ted Talks on creativity. Browse the highly viewed list of speakers below, find your favorite, be inspired, and get creative!

15 Must-Listen TED Talks (Infographic)

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