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As much as we hate to admit it, we all suffer from what motivation gurus prefer to call – lack of determination.

Raising the bar is easier said than done, and most importantly, it requires a dose of freshness and discipline to get through any tough period in life.

Actions brimming with grit and passion represent the embodiment of effectiveness. So basically, whether you are a salesman or a gardener, you have to give your best shot.

People who thrive on a myriad of challenges are aware of the intensity each activity carries and opt for having a good handle on the situation.

To withstand this pressure, you need to bring your attitude in line with the circumstances that surround you. Furthermore, blending into the group of achievers requires sacrifice on your part.

You don’t need to try every trick in the book before you reach a stage – where you can be proud of your achievements. Finding the right balance must be complemented with the right set of habits, which defy the style of complainers.

Frontiers in Psychology have published a study in which they tested the level of Emotional Creativity present in the everyday interactions and engagements between students and professors.

They discovered that the curve of successful execution of tasks grew dramatically in the presence of mutual-understanding and self-expression.

The bottom line is – intrinsic motivation in correlation with emotional creativity, reduces the possibility of school failure and boosts the level of confidence.

This revelation has led many psychology experts and productivity inquirers into believing that forming the perfect environment can create a significant difference regarding increasing the output.

So how to do precisely that, and defeat procrastination once and for all?

Settle Accounts with Your Imaginary Enemies

It can’t get more confusing than having a group of people/things which acts as your hidden rival. In general, people are having a hard time concentrating because they feel under threat by an eventual failure.

Or, maybe, they dread the idea of being overshadowed by someone.

We all have mental baggage that prevents us from seizing the day. In other words, stop making a big deal out of everything, and focus on improving day in and day out. Although this seems like an obvious thing to do, most people either neglect or ignores this.

For these individuals, every little setback seems like an unrecoverable breakdown. On top of that, WHO (World Health Organization) argues that approximately 350 million people worldwide are swapping deep focus with limited attention because of mental disorders.

All indicators showcase that unhappiness acts as the primary trigger which induces a lower level of concentration.

Forget About Multitasking

This myth started in the 60s when people were still curious about their cognitive skills.

The whole mystery was puzzled out by Edward Hallowell, who disclosed valuable gems on why performing several tasks in an equally effective manner is not the same as being perceptive of multiple projects or activities at the same time.

In other words, being in sync with productivity is closely related to aiming your focus at the pivotal assignment.

If you decide to give multi-tasking a shot, you’ll quickly realize that doing two/three things at once will only reduce your ability to make the right calls.

You’ll end up drained and disheartened for not being able to clear your to-do list.

Set Deadlines for Each Subtask

Why is this so essential?

Let’s look at it this way – You go to a restaurant, order a meal and pay for it. But before you do that, you need to drive over to the restaurant, call the waiter, ask for assistance, wait for the food delivery, go to the bathroom, etc.

As it turns out, without these small and often referred to as trivial tasks, you can’t understand the big picture. Each significant step consists of thousands of secondary ones. So, don’t place your energy on the big stage, win the small battles and allow success to roll in.

Brian Tracy, on numerous occasions, has laid out the fundamentals on how to tackle procrastination by executing the pressuring task first. Finding that link, which connects all the other operations is vital for keeping your morale up and boosting your self-esteem.

To put it differently, devoting yourself to executing the lower-in-intensity tasks in a given time-frame, can give you the edge in overcoming lethargy to the full extent.

Meeting Deadlines-Increasing Your Productivity in the Workplace-Remedy Against Procrastination

Don’t Rely on Making Excuses

Aren’t you tired of pushing back deadlines? – Well, you are not the only one who embraces this tendency and fails in finding the right approach towards productivity. Nonetheless, you can tip the balance in your favour by calculating how much time have you wasted on each assignment.

Start with a rough evaluation of how long it will take you to complete the job. Before completion, make sure that you keep track of all the extra activities, such as sipping coffee, going to the bathroom, or talking to your colleagues.

Once you get the idea of how much time you spend doing nothing, you’ll have an accurate picture of your procrastination. Maybe most importantly, the triggers of those habits.

In the meantime, you can work on your list of goals, to keep you motivated and remind you that reaching these objectives requires better execution and no procrastination on your part.

Spark Creativity by Becoming a Forward-Looking Person

It may surprise you to hear that a lot of champions out there came up with brilliant ideas in the most unusual places. The process of overcoming procrastination can sometimes establish the cornerstone for future victories.

The main thing is that you remain open-minded and flexible to accept various solutions. Don’t wait for someone else’s permission to do the right thing. Let your skills flourish in the spur of the moment. In such a situation, creativity comes to the fore and helps you to pave the way with the right ideas.

Cal Newport endorses this method by saying: Who you are, what you think, feel, and do, what you love is the sum of your focus.

Avoid jumping to conclusions without assessing the situation. Tackle laziness with facts and the right habits and leave the judgmental nature aside. Negative mindsets detrimentally shape your decision-making.

It’s not easy to find perfection, and you mustn’t let yourself fall into such an unrealistic scenario. Your job is to stay with both feet on the ground and embrace a down-to-earth approach. This is the best approach to avoid procrastination.


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