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HRs have their hands full with job applications, talent tracking, interviews, recruitment, and workforce training and development. Staying on top of the new technologies such as online training software can appear pretty hard and overwhelming, especially if you belong to the 56% of HRs who think learning is overlooked.

Today, the situation is particularly challenging because there are hundreds of software solutions specifically developed to cater to the needs of HR professionals.

To lend you a hand, we decided to review the best online HR training software on the market.

If you are looking for feature-rich and reliable HR training software to streamline your training efforts, you’ll find the following list helpful.

8 Best Online HR Training Software

1. ProProfs HR Training Software

ProProfs HR training software is a holistic learning solution specifically developed to cater to HR needs. This software comes with an abundance of features that can help businesses take training to another level.

It is a cloud-based and mobile-ready training software meaning that you can deploy training anytime and anywhere. An intuitive interface ensures that HR professionals with a limited technical background can incorporate it into their workflow easily.

ProProfs HR Training Software-HR Training Software

With support for over 70 languages, it caters to the learning & development needs of multinational corporations in different linguistic regions. The training builder comes with a drag and drop interface allowing users to build courses from scratch efficiently and effortlessly. The platform supports images, videos, quizzes, presentations, and docs integration.

With advanced user control, HRs can lock and unlock training courses for specific individuals, departments, or a whole company.

ProProfs HR training software also offers cutting-edge analytics and reports. The reports tell you the relevant information regarding the course completion stage and the time taken.

With the addition of surveys and quizzes, HRs can easily manage learning goals, identify knowledge gaps, and tailor individual learning paths for employees.

This online training software supports many integrations, including MailChimp, Salesforce, WordPress, and SugarCRM. It is also SCORM and xAPI-compliant, making learning activities tracking even more seamless.

2. Talentsoft

You can use Talentsoft as an internal talent development tool. It is a robust online platform designed to help HRs with recruiting and onboarding. An intuitive interface and advanced user control make the platform straightforward to use.

Talentsoft will put you in a unique position to digitize all your HR documents. Once you have a database of internal talent, it becomes easy to sort through it and target specific departments and individuals for analysis.Talentsoft Software-HR Training Software


The in-depth reports will help you develop a long-term training strategy. Reports are rich with information ranging from learner’s performance and last registrations to the most popular content and the time needed for course completion.

When it comes to specific training features, Talentsoft doesn’t fall behind the exclusive HR training software solutions. The training program builder is designed to enable HRs to create courses in no time. The courses are entirely customizable so that organizations can deploy training based on their corporate branding.

Talentsoft supports images, videos, and documents. Thanks to this, HRs can develop hybrid learning and personalize plans.

Some features provide virtual classes in real-time. Talentsoft is SCORM and AICC-compliant.

3. SkyPrep

SkyPrep is a versatile online training software specifically developed for businesses. It offers plenty of features to keep your training and employee development program going. Let’s start with the course and content management feature.

Making courses in SkyPrep is easy and convenient. Every piece of content that you create stays in the database so that you can easily reuse it when needed. The course builder supports PDFs, MS Office documents, videos, and images so that you can make engaging courses for your employees.

SkyPrep-HR Training Software

SkyPrep course editor provides multiple options and can be used to create completely custom courses and tests.

The user management feature is detailed and enables you to easily manage your learners, whether they are your employees or external clients. Once you are done with group creation, you can deploy courses to groups with a few simple clicks.

The built-in notification system is beneficial if you are managing training for hundreds of people. When it comes to reporting and analytics, SkyPrep shines. There are several layers of reporting, each one featuring different sets of data. Grading is entirely automatic, and you can choose to award certificates after completion.

4. Lessonly

Although a new product in this category, Lessonly has quickly caught up with the competition. It is a scalable online training solution built to cater to the needs of businesses of all sizes. It is optimized to run both on desktop and mobile devices. Both office and mobile users have access to the same set of features.

Lessonly has a vibe of modern software with minimalistic design and convenient user management. Making groups and assigning training to each one of them can be done in a matter of minutes.


Lessonly also supports individual learning paths that you can create and assign to your key employees.

The course editor supports drag and drop. You can also add videos, docs, quizzes, images, and videos to enrich learning material. You can customize the courses even more by changing colours, fonts, or adding a company logo.

Reports and analytics in the tool are great. Lessonly delivers insightful learning graphs. The reports incorporate data including lesson views, completion, and quiz performance.

Lessonly supports integration with Chrome, Zendesk, Salesforce, and more. It comes with Open API so that your IT department can integrate it into your learning management app.

5. SAP Litmos

SAP Litmos is an excellent LMS software. Unlike other solutions on our list that focus on helping HRs organize and manage training across an organization, Litmos is specialized for training customer-facing employees. Whether you need to train your sales, support, or service department, or your partners and contractors, Litmos has got you covered.

SAP Litmos is a scalable solution built for small local businesses and large multinational corporations. It is completely optimized for mobile learning and comes with an easy to use course editor.

SAP Litmos

The tracking and feedback feature will help you stay on top of your training. You can track course assignments and completions in real-time. You can also know the effectiveness of courses and make updates where they are needed.

This online employee training software comes with great gamification features. Besides the leaderboards, you can reward learners with points and badges. The achievement system can make your employees more interested in participating in training programs.

Implementing Litmos is easy. You can use it along with your HR software, ERP, or CRM. Litmos open API enables users to integrate it into custom solutions they might be using. It supports over 50 integrations.

6. TalentLMS

TalentLMS is a cloud-based LMS software designed around the idea that training should be easy, almost effortless. It can be used for employees but also for partner and customer training. TalentLMS is very well optimized to run in browsers. It is mobile-ready, and you will be able to deploy tests to your employees while they are on the go.

TalentLMS goes one step further in terms of mobility and offers dedicated Android and iOS apps. Multilingual support and additional accessibility options make training even more convenient.


The user interface of the TalentLMS solution is simple and promotes an easy onboarding process. Course management is neatly done. Course editor supports different types of media, while tests can include different question types. You can also use learning paths to enhance learning exp[erinece for groups and individuals.

The LMS is equipped with several communication tools, including personal messages, discussion forums, and calendars. With video conference support, you will be able to leverage blended learning.

Gamification features, such as leaderboards, levels, points, badges, and rewards, help you motivate employees and keep them engaged.

TalentLMS delivers insightful and easy to read reports. You can see an action timeline for all users and generate custom reports.

It supports integration with over 200 services, including GoToMeeting, WordPress, Shopify, Salesforce, and more.

7. eFront LMS

eFront LMS unlocks the power of enterprise learning management in the easiest possible way. While it can be used to build some of the most complex learning ecosystems, eFront LMS is very easy to use. Course creating is straightforward, and any content that you create stays in the cloud so that you can reuse it when needed.

eFront has native support for tests. You can integrate different question types and generate informative reports whenever you need them. It is xAPI and SCORM-compliant, which is a nice feat to have when it comes to tracking learning activities.

eFront LMS

The customization capabilities allow you to deliver the exact look and feel you have in your mind.

The learning ecosystem is based on rules that you can set in advance. For instance, you can set course prerequisites and completion conditions, meaning that some learning materials will remain hidden until employees successfully pass quizzes or go through required lessons.

eFront comes with all the features that enable you to build an entire learning platform from scratch and publish it online.

8. BambooHR

If you need an HR software suite to help you with your training efforts, BambooHR is an option to consider. It is a cloud-based system used by hundreds of HRs around the world. With BambooHR, you will be able to automate most of your day-to-day activities and digitize your documentation.

BambooHR integrates the training concept seamlessly into an HR solution. With employee records, performance management reports, and goal tracking, you will be able to identify gaps in employee knowledge and performance and deploy tests to achieve better results.


The LMS is mobile-ready and has dedicated mobile apps for most popular mobile platforms. BambooHR training software is often used to facilitate employee onboarding. Whether you have compliance concerns or want to enable continuous learning in your organization, BambooHR can be a great solution.

Since every organization is unique both in terms of goals and workforce, you should take your time to decide which online training software is good for you.

Fortunately, most of the best HR training software solutions on our list have a free trial that you can use for a test run.


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