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Hello and welcome to the Annual Roundup Edition – Best of 2015 on the topic of Productivity.

The articles in this Roundup are the most liked, shared, and commented on articles in 2015 on the topic of Productivity.

1. Sweden is Shifting to a 6-Hour Workday

If you are a productivity buff, then there is a strong chance you have heard about this story. This particular post was featured on ScienceAlert, and since then has garnered 1.3 Million shares.

As the title suggests, this concept is not new in Sweden. Many companies such as Toyota in Sweden have already been implementing the 6-hour workday for many years. Studies have proven that employees who work 55 hours per week are at a 33% higher risk of afflicting coronary diseases.

The benefit of this approach for Swedish companies is that – the employees can spend more time off work and with their families. But here is the caveat, we are not just talking about punching 6 hours of work here – it is about focussed six hours of honest days work, which means no social media during work hours.

2. Nap Desks Are Here and It’s All Going to Be OK

We have all heard about Google providing Nap pods for their employees. Or you might have seen it from the Owen Wilson movie The Internship. In this post, Jen Juneau shares her insights about the latest office furniture innovation – that plays a dual role – one as your usual work desk and second as a napping pod. Yes, you can nap at work now. The article style is very original and very personable. Even though the tone of the post is humorous, I predict IMHO that this could be a real thing shortly. More organizations are now focusing on employee well-being, so it might be just a matter of months or years wherein office desks such as the one featured here become mainstream.

3. Japanese Company Fills Office With Cats to Help Employees Unwind and Improve Productivity

Did you get to be kidding me? That was the first thought that went into my mind when I read the headline. But the article has generated about 470k shares, so it must be for real.

Studies have shown that looking at cat pictures does boost your productivity, but when you have the real thing in the office – that takes it a step further. A company in Japan did just that. They adopted rescue cats in the office, and also created a bring-your-pet to work policy. The company says that this has improved the office morale. Other Japanese companies have also started doing this.

4. How Successful People Work Less and Get More Done

The common theme I am finding most articles on productivity is about the importance of working fewer hours. The benefits of spending relatively less time at work, and more time off work with family or pursuing a passion is often discussed.

Dr. Travis Bradberry shares 10 insights into things that we can do to be more productive. Most of the ideas are focused on what we do off-work and during the weekends.

Instead of spending the off-work hours working and checking emails, it is recommended to disconnect & spend time doing other things that we enjoy. Other ideas that are discussed here – Exercising, weekly reflection, weekly planning – helps you to start the upcoming week at 110% effectiveness.

5. A programmer Wrote Scripts to Secretly Automate a Lot of His Job – and Email His Wife and Make a Latte

This post by Julie Fort was one of the most popular posts when it comes to Productivity. This might be the ultimate productivity hack you would have ever read. Imagine being able to automate every aspect of your job and even some of your activities.

A programmer did just that. He created scripts to automatically reply to a bothersome customer. He also created a script to hack into a coffee machine and orders it to start brewing. He also had a script to notify his wife in case he was stuck working late at the office. Speaking of technology replacing all our jobs. Is it inevitable now?

I hope you found the Top 5 articles published in 2015 on Productivity resourceful.

Through some of the articles, I have learned the importance of working less (fewer hours) and maximizing my results or output.

Wishing you a super productive 2016!!


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