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Hello and welcome to the Annual Roundup Edition – Best of 2015 on the topic of Personal Branding.

The articles in this Roundup are the most liked, shared, and commented on articles in 2015 on the topic of Personal Branding.

1. To Be Successful, Do Only What You Do Best

Steve Tobak debunks the popular myth that successful entrepreneurs are a jack-of-all-trades. He talks about the importance of finding one’s talents and focusing heavily on that one/two core skills. And he backs this up with examples of successful entrepreneurs. The good news is that you do not need to be good at everything to be successful. You only need to focus on one thing and be passionate and good at it.

Your functional expertise is a core aspect of your personal branding.

2. Here’s How to Reinvent Yourself

You must know about Barbara Corcoran from the hit TV show Shark Tank. Her journey to reach this status did not come overnight. Barbara was a successful Real Estate Broker before she embarked on her TV journey.

In this post, she shares her journey from the moment she made her decision to the time she became a celebrity on Shark Tank. She provides us insight into the concept of re-inventing your personal brand. She discusses the steps involved in re-branding yourself in your chosen field. I think this post is timely as you are starting your year in 2016.

3. 5 Steps to Build Your Personal Brand

This post on entrepreneur.com by Thomas Smale generated more than 19k shares. I think it is primarily because Thomas shares tangible and concrete steps you can take to build your personal brand. Perhaps, one of your 2016 goals is to grow your personal brand – then this post is for you.

4. How to Make Yourself Unforgettable

We often talk about building a personal brand. Stephanie Vozza takes it a step further. In this post, she teaches us how to make ourselves and our brands unforgettable. Stephanie provides us with actionable things we can do to truly establish yourself as the go-to person in your field.

5. How to Use Social Media to Build Your Personal Brand

There is a good chance you came across this post through a social media channel such as Twitter, LinkedIn, or Facebook. Social Media has become and continues to grow as an important toolkit for your personal branding activities.

Daniel Tolliday shares some of these insights on the importance of using social media for your branding. And how to go about maximizing social media for branding. Daniel also provides some examples of ideas that others are using for their branding purposes.

I hope you found the Top 5 articles published in 2015 on Personal Branding resourceful.

One thing that I want to add to my 2016 goals it establishes myself as a Thought leader in my field. Thomas Smale’s post has given me some tangible ideas to start implementing so I can do that.

What one idea did you get that you will start implementing right away?

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