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Hello and welcome to the Annual Roundup Edition – Best of 2015 on the topic of Career Success.

The articles in this Roundup are the most liked, shared, and commented on articles in 2015 on the topic of Career Success.

1. Education & Experience Don’t Guarantee Success – Attitude & Habits Do

It is perhaps very timely to read posts like this particular one since we have just started the New Year. This was one of the most popular posts in 2015. Larry Alton shares his insights on things that guarantee one’s success. Education, Experience, and Talent might give some a jumpstart but these are no way guarantees of success. Larry shares some of the key qualities that will increase the odds of one’s success. Though some of the points such as positive attitude, habits, etc. might come across as cliches – Larry explains how these play an important factor in the quest for success.

2. 12 Habits That Set Ultra Successful People Apart- Career Experts – Right Management

Often successful people are categorized as ultra goal-achievers. And this single focus on goals does not necessarily give us the full picture. Dr. Travis Bradberry and his company have surveyed over a million people globally and have concluded that successful people have high Emotional Intelligence. Dr. Bradberry, in this post, shares the habits that people with high Emotional Intelligence have.

3. The No.1 Predictor of Career Success according to Network Science

Michael Simmons uses the example of Steve Jobs to share the most important predictor of career success – which is curiosity, in other words being open-minded. Michael shares his findings from his interview with a Top Network Scientist. The gist of the interview is that – people tend to associate with like-minded people, and they often read books that resonate with their belief. As a result, they become close to their perceptions of the world.

Being open-minded and being innately curiosity opens up the world to us, it connects us with people of different beliefs. The advantage of this approach is that – it opens up brand new opportunities for you.

4. U.S.Women’s Soccer Team: What Success Looks Like Now

2015 was a great year for the US Women’s soccer team – they took home the most coveted award – FIFA Women’s World Cup. The US Soccer team took home the title for the 3rd time.

Shaun Dreisbach shares her key insights after speaking to the key players of the team. This post was initially published in May 2015 (way before the world cup), however, the post has gained lots of popularity over the course of the year. The star players share the secrets of their successes. The advice(s) applies to most of us regardless of our careers.

5. 30 CEOs reveal the Daily Habits Responsible for Their Success

This is an excellent curated post – wherein Christine Desmarais interviews multiple successful CEOs. And they share their habits that contribute to their success. I am sure some of the ideas are not new, and perhaps you have heard about them before. However, many of the ideas are unique.

I hope you found the Top 5 articles published in 2015 on Career Success insightful.

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