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While some people prefer to work consistently in one place, oftentimes the city they were born in, others prefer to combine work with travel, the classic example of this being the role of a flight attendant.

Flying all over the world, working erratic hours (compared to a 9-5), and being away from home for much of the year, it isn’t for everyone but if you’ve got travel in your bones then it might sound like an idyllic lifestyle.

These days when combined with the digital revolution, the job opportunities for travelers have grown, the digital nomad lifestyle is now a reality for many and a serious consideration for those starting out their careers who cringe at the thought of a standard 9-5 office job.

The digital nomadic lifestyle opens up many opportunities, from general Freelancer to SAAS start-up, but there are still plenty of more traditional jobs available in the world’s job market that will enable you to free your travel bug. So whatever your skill level in your current industry or if you’re just starting out it’s worth considering if you could do your role overseas.

To browse just some great jobs for people who love to travel, as well as some great tips for working abroad check out this new infographic put together by De Vere Hotels:

The Best Jobs for People Who Love To Travel (Infographic)


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