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A client whom I work with for the last 4 months told me that she gets affected by the sound of fax and answering machine. She even gets turned off by the commotion in the streets, home, or office.

Being a professional recruiter, my first reaction was to find a job for her that matches with her sensitive nature. The people who have a sensitive temperament tend to prefer working in an environment where they can easily gel with people, while the work environment is peaceful.

While sensitive people tend to be creative, intelligent, and sensitive, they don’t always fit into the mainstream corporate world. After helping so many sensitive people with finding an appropriate job, I can understand today what defines a perfect career for sensitive people.

Taking into consideration the many cases of my clients, I list down here some of the jobs that complement the nature of sensitive people. Let’s check them out one-by-one:

1.  Librarian

Libraries are meant for reading books. So it is a peaceful place where you can focus your mind on your work without getting affected by any commotion. Similarly, there is no interference of co-workers in the libraries to give you a headache.

So if you are passionate about books and have a knack for research, you can find a career as a librarian and assist academicians, scholars, and students find the best books for their research.

2. Psychologist

This is another suitable career for sensitive people. A psychologist treats the psychological disorders of people and heals their mental distress with counselling sessions. To become a psychologist, you need to have a degree in psychology. In addition, you need to demonstrate your patience and listening skills to treat people suffering from mental disorders.

A successful psychologist helps people achieve their personal goals, improve relationships, and make changes in their lifestyle. Many people mistake the job of a psychologist for psychiatrist which is a rather emotionally challenging job. However, the two are different jobs.

Unlike the job of a psychiatrist, this job does not require the intense medical treatments as a psychologist are not qualified to prescribe medications or treatment. Instead, they practice the psychotherapy to treat the mental disorders of a patient. You’ll be having a one-on-one interaction with a patient and provide them with counselling to treat their emotional and mental distress.

3. Special Education Teacher

If you are a sensitive soul, then this job is your opportunity to display your caring nature. In this job, you can work with mentally or physically-challenged children or adults who have trouble studying in a traditional classroom.

A Teacher Infront of a Classroom

Being a special education teacher, you can help students assist students in the learning process which is not possible in the traditional classroom environment. This job gives you more meaning to your life as you don’t just earn money but also help the underprivileged students get the education.

4. Dietitian

This is yet another career for sensitive people. In this job, you can use your knowledge of food, nutrition, and the human body to guide patients through their dietary routines. Being a dietitian, you can work in hospitals, nursing homes, or schools where you can help improve the health of people through your expertise.

5. Playwright

 If you love storytelling and want to make a play out of it, you can consider a career as a playwright. If you have the ability to visualize a story, you can make it come to life on stage. When you become a playwright, you have the creative liberties to develop a play the way you want. So there will be no one interfering in your job. You can spend your time penning new characters and storylines. How cool is that!

6. Translator

Do you know more than one language? If yes, then you can use your skills in business, the entertainment sector, and the media industry. For example, you can translate what a guest speaker is saying for students at a school. Similarly, you can interpret news reports from other countries, or even offer your skills to the President during foreign travels.

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Priscilla Ellie is a Recruiter, Professional blogger and a Columnist. She is also active on AssignmentCorp where students can get expert help for academic papers. In addition, she has done Masters in Business and Education Management.

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