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Skimming all the job sites, job boards, company websites, and checking every job search engine for the latest job opportunities is a thing of a past.

It takes way too much time and the wind out of your job hunting sails.

Speed is what matters today. The faster you can find the relevant openings and send in a well-crafted resume, the better your odds of landing a cool job.

So if you want to take your job search to the next level, turn to your smartphone. There are dozens of apps out there that are ready to help you take a shortcut to your dream job.

Many of them will also give you a hand with your networking endeavors, job applications, resumes, and cover letters.

So let’s jump right at it — here’s a selection of 10 best job search apps on the market today.

1. LinkedIn

LinkedIn is the world’s leading social professional network and it offers far more than just a basic job search.

Start by expanding your connections beyond the group of people you know. Connect with people in your target industry and recruiters you’d like to take notice of.

Then let the app know you’re looking for a new job. It’ll keep an eye out for you and give you a nudge should a new opportunity come your way. And don’t worry, LinkedIn won’t tip off your current employer if you’re not ready to disclose your job search.

Wherever possible, use the Easy Apply button — it lets you apply for the job with your LinkedIn profile and all it takes is just a couple of taps.

Make sure to save your job searches and have LinkedIn serve the most relevant positions to you every once in a while. Also, follow your favorite companies to keep your finger on the pulse of the most recent job openings and industry news.

2. Indeed Job Search

With the Indeed app, you get access to a 16 million-strong database of jobs across 60 countries and 28 languages.

With so many openings at hand, it’s easy to get lost (and desperate). Fortunately, the app’s robust filtering function enables you to search for nearby jobs, filter down by role, permanence, hours, or pay grade, and pretty much every possible condition you can think of.

Similarly to LinkedIn, Indeed will help you keep up the pace by letting you follow your favorite companies and scroll through 12 million-plus company reviews to get some valuable insight about what you’re up for.

3. Monster Job Search

Monster is just like Tinder.

But this time, instead of love, you’re hunting for a new job.

Offering over a million full and part-time jobs from across the United States, there’s a lot to check out. So naturally, finding a perfect match — even when talking about your employer — takes a bit of time and effort.

First, upload your resume (or consult the in-app career concierge to help you out) and allow location access. You’ll be served a feed of local job openings, so you can apply to jobs nearby easily.

During the application process, you’ll see a series of job openings on cards. Swipe to the right to show you’re interested or to the left to decline.

If you can’t make up your mind, just tap the card’s photo to get more information on the job posting.

Nothing that would steal your heart? Give it a chance by opting in to get push notifications or receive further job recommendations via email.

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4. CareerBuilder Job Search

The CareerBuilder app leaves nothing to chance and aggregates the latest jobs from dozens of job boards and career sites.

Similarly to LinkedIn, the CareerBuilder app features a Quick Apply button beneath job listings. It lets you apply to as many openings as you wish, tracks the application history, and save the jobs you’re interested in if you need a bit more time to think.

As for your resume, you can either build it from scratch or choose to upload a PDF or DOC from your phone or online storage. Additionally, you can make it public and let everyone know you’re open to new job opportunities.

5. ZipRecruiter Job Search

Upon launch, the ZipRecruiter app will ask you about your minimum salary requirement. Turn on notifications and you’ll receive only the job alerts that meet your expectations.

If you want to save some job jobs for later, just tap the heart button on the top right of the job listing and it’ll be moved to the My Jobs section for easy access.

To help you see the fruit of your job hunting efforts, you’ll get a notification whenever a recruiter checks out your resume. If you’re struggling to remember the details, head over to the Applied Jobs section to remind yourself of the job posting.

6. Glassdoor Job Search

Landing a job is just the first step, but being able to share the company values, enjoy a good work-life balance and a fair salary is hard to gauge before you work there.

Getting a full, unbiased picture of a particular company is extremely helpful, especially when you’ve already quit several jobs because of poor working conditions.

And that’s when Glassdoor comes in handy. It’s the place to check your potential employer and browse through company reviews and see what their salaries, perks, offices, and even interview questions look like.

Everything’s anonymous here, so what you’re bound to find here is very close to objective evaluation. With easy-to-read pros and cons, Glassdoor is a great resource for anyone who needs friendly advice from virtual co-workers and industry insiders.

7. Kickresume

There are lots of apps trying to help you by offering a handful of resume templates that look too dull to impress.

But Kickresume is something else.s

The app’s impressive simplicity and intuitive design will help you create stunning career documents. And it’s all just a matter of a few minutes.

With the most powerful resume editor and cover letter builder on the market, Kickresume will give you the edge you need in an increasingly competitive job market.

Are you a fresh graduate? Going back to work after maternity leave? Are you a senior IT developer looking for a change? There’s a piece of advice for everyone.

Head over to Sidekick — their immensely valuable career blog — or to the Kickresume help center to check out hundreds of real resume and cover letter samples that got people hired at top companies like Apple, Google, Facebook, or IBM.

8. Dice Careers

If you haven’t made a career decision yet, getting a job in IT is one of the smartest things to do — it’s a great option that often comes with lots of cool benefits and a generous salary.

And the Dice job search app is the place to find the hottest jobs in the tech industry.

It also lets you do some valuable research that can help you make better decisions later in the process. Its Salary Predictor tool will tell you what you can expect to earn based on your work experience and education.

The app will also help you create a career path by getting information on the skills you’ll need to land a particular job.

9. Good.Co

Good.Co will do its best to find a job by showing you your strengths and letting you unlock your full potential.

This job search app offers a unique 18-question personality test that will help you discover some interesting facts about yourself.

It will help you figure out whether you are more of a Go-Getter, a Maverick, a Visionary, a Technician, or a Dreamer. The test will also help you target companies likely to match your personality and working style.

You won’t be able to apply to these jobs within the app itself. Fortunately, the app will redirect you to major job boards to do so.

10. Hirewire

This user-friendly job search app was designed with service industry job seekers and employers in mind, using several effective methods to streamline the hiring process as much as possible.

Instead of a conventional resume, for example, the app will have you create an interactive profile for employers to check out.

Also, there’s a built-in chatting feature to speed up your communication with 5,000+ potential employers and help you schedule in-person interviews in minutes. Once you click to apply, the app will simply let you choose whichever time suits you the best.

Easy peasy!

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