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Times between jobs are some of the toughest for most of us. Sometimes it’s just a few days, but on rare occasions, people get stuck in between jobs for months and years.

We are here to help each and every job seeker increase his odds of finding a job and also, try and have fun while doing so. Periods of unemployment can often lead towards depression and the job seekers feeling less happy and having problems with motivating themselves to take the next step towards getting that next interview.

Here are 7 best apps that can help you land your next job without a problem all the while not having to do anything but spend a few minutes on your iPhone or iPad!

Apps For Researching Job Openings

This type of app usually serves as an extension to the main service. They stem from websites and database search engines that have a double nature. Both job seekers and employers can use these apps and services. Employers can use them to post job openings and job seekers then browse through these listings.

Here are 3 best apps of this type to have on your iOS devices!

1. Indeed Job Search

Indeed Job Search

Indeed job search is the industry-leading app when it comes to looking for a job opening on your handy devices. This app makes it extremely easy for you to find your next job with just a few clicks.

Type in your desired field of work as well as the location and in a few moments, you will be looking at a list of all jobs in that field within that area. They say that over 200 million people use this app to look for jobs or create openings in over 60 countries.

Indeed Job Search is localized to 28 different languages making it the most widespread and well-known job searching app in the world. Employees can review their own employers, making it easier for job seekers to see if they really want to work for that company or not!

2. Glassdoor Job Search


Glassdoor Job Search is another extension of the well-known job searching website. Glassdoor has a very user-friendly interface, making it very easy to find specific jobs and openings. Enter keywords important to your profession in its filters and go through the given listings.

Just like Indeed, this app also has a feature for you to review your past employers, but not only that. With Glassdoor, you can review even companies that were not your employers by saying a word or two about the recruitment process, how the interview went, and much more!

The app can also send you to push notifications about job openings in the fields you enter!

3. LinkedIn Job Search

LinkedIn App on a Mobile Device

LinkedIn is a strange place for a few reasons, one of them being – nobody is quite sure what the really are… Are they a social network? A job-seeking website? Or perhaps a bit of both?

LinkedIn Job Search definitely helps the argument that the website is primarily for job hunters and people on the look. This app allows for quick and easy jobs search based on title, location, and keywords.

Communication apps

In this section, we will mention a couple of best iOs mobile apps that can help you get connected and stay connected once you start using them.

1. Skype

Skype Interview

Skype is a world-known service for chatting, messaging, making voice, and video calls. At some point in life, most of us used this program. Skype started as a desktop program and then later with the rising of mobile apps came out with one of their own. Today Skype can be seen on almost any computer, mobile phone, or tablet device.

Having a meeting or an interview via Skype is nothing too uncommon these days so downloading it on your phone might be a good idea if you are in the process of looking for a job.

2. Blue Mail

Blue Mail is one of the best iOs apps to have on your devices if you just can’t decide which email fits your needs. It allows its users to sign in to several different email providers, such as Yahoo, Gmail, iCloud, Outlook 365, and several others. This way if you have several accounts, you can keep track of them at all times simultaneously.

You can also make a custom signature for each of the email accounts so you can easily sign depending on whether you are using your private or business email.

3. Gmail

Checking Gmail

Gmail is by far, without a question, the best webmail service at the moment. And that goes for their mobile app as well. Responding to emails, attaching files, and all sorts of things you would do with any other app just aren’t as high quality as Gmail does it. Make sure you turn on your push notifications on your iOS device once you download this app to never again lose contact with your employers and employees.

Bonus app: PDF Converter Ultimate

This is the app that will help you handle all the paperwork that comes with looking for a job, applying for it, and getting everything in line before heading for the interview. PDF Converter Ultimate can convert over 10 different file formats from and to PDF.

You can import all the files you need from the integrated cloud services such as Gmail, Dropbox, Google Drive, and similar. It can convert both native and scanned PDFs which makes it one of the top conversion apps in its line. Make sure you give it a go as soon as possible!


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