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Habit trackers are a simple type of apps that helps the user build strong habits and break bad ones by leveraging the “don’t break the chain” strategy. For some reason when our brains see that we have done something for a long period or haven’t done anything for the same long period, we don’t want to break the pattern.

So essentially a habit tracker lets the user check off whether or not you have done something every single day and over time you get a visual indication of your progress. Such apps aim to keep the user motivated towards the achievement of small or larger goals in life.

Now, since habit trackers are very simple and they are also not that difficult to make, for this reason, there are a ton of them available on Android and iOS alike. 

In this article, I am going to share some of the top habit-tracking apps that deserve your attention.

1. Habitify

Now, Habitify makes our list because it is amazingly designed, from different apps reviewed for this blog we found this app to be the most simple to get a grasp on, not only that the UI design was observed to be crisp visually.

Habitify Software-Habit-Tracking Apps

In addition to that, the app is cross-platform with features like dark mode and lots of fancy charts and progress measuring statistics. On top of that, if you are an iPhone user, you can integrate this app with your Apple Watch, Widget for your iPhone hone screen and iMessage.

2. HabitHub

HabitHub is an Android-exclusive app and is next on our list. If you are an Android person and want to boast to your friends about some app that they can use, well this app would be your pick.

HabitHub Software-Habit-Tracking Apps

This app works on goal mechanisms and includes goals for a user’s habit streak, so doing things like a 30-day challenge, or doing the habit skip is possible with this app. Let’s say you have a business trip and feel sick for some reason you can mark something as skip and add a note explaining why you had to skip the habit.

3. TickTick

tick tick isn’t a purpose-built habit tracker, but in actuality is a full-fledged task manager to-do app.

TickTick Software

 Additionally, this app holds a lot of similarity to the ToDoist, though with the newer versions of this app the developers have added a habit tracker. So if you are looking for a task management/habit tracker app this is the one for you.

4. BeeMinder

If you are one of those people that want a little bit more complexity in your habit tracking this BeeMinder might strike gold for you. Well, it is said that this app forces the user to keep track of their habits as it puts the user’s money on the line.

BeeMinder Software

Users with this app have to pay money for skipping a pledge or habit and in addition to this financial incentive part of the app, the user can find a lot of data. The user can look at all the crazy charts and graphs, data points, the user can get nerdy while using this app. Factually speaking, this app also holds the distinction to pull data from the largest amounts of data sources that we have seen so far.

It can pull data from Apple Health Data, it can pull data from all kinds of other self-quantified self apps and it can even connect to the IFTTT which can let you pull data from any other service in the world.

5. Today

Today is beautiful in our opinion it might even be a little too beautiful. The fact that this app did not make it higher on the list is because sometimes the design and the aesthetics get in the way of product functionality.

Today Habit Tracker

That being said the habit-tracking app itself is a very capable habit tracker, in addition to the apps UI design it also allows the user to use features that are only available after a monthly subscription other competing habit tracker apps out there.

With this app you can do all the basics, you can add habits, check them off, you can do multiple check-ins per day and you can also set specific covers for your habits so you can get a different look for each habit.

Though this app can’t pull data from Apple Health like a BeeMinder can but the user can add-in Apple Heath Data for some extra content in contrast to your habits which is a nice touch in our opinion.

6. Coach.me

Coach.me habit-tracking app first was released by the name Lift, the change in the name came as a coaching component was added to the app. For this reason, this app becomes unique. When it comes to its core this is a very capable habit tracker, the user can add-in habits, check them off and it also included nice little high-five animations.

In addition to this, there is also a big community aspect attached to it, both in the form of coaching and simple community discussions. So if you add in a habit and it is let’s say a pretty common habit you can find discussions, experiences, threads, and questions from other users.

Coach.me Software

If we talk about the coaching aspect of the app and for a lot less money with any other coaching venue out there, this app lets the users have regular check-ins with coaches regarding any habit that you are trying to build or any goals that you are trying to achieve.

Though this habit-tracking app when compared to actual coaching, lack a little personal touch, a lot of people don’t need actual coaches to keep them on track and hence this is the gap that this app fills perfectly.

7. Strides

Strides is an iOS exclusive software and this habit tracker is claimed to be the best on the platform. On the surface of things, Strides is pretty much similar to the app Habitify, having a clean, professional UI, the software is fast and snappy and it is overall a joy to use.

But when compared to the app Habitify we found that Habitify is a little rigid when it comes to the types of goals that a user can set up and track. Strides are more flexible, as it includes some additional options for the types of habits that the user can set-up within it.

Strides Software

Through this app you can set-up street goals which are great for things like 30-day challenges, you can also set-up goals to be either “yes” or “no”, did you do them or did you not. The habits are based on a certain quantity of things, so if the user wants to take 10,000 steps per day they can feed the number quantity into the app.

The feature that is hailed the most in Strides which was not observed in any other habit-tracking app on the list is the ability to track average for a specific habit. So if you want to make sure that you are not playing too many hours of games each week or you just want to track the number of times you go to the gym and don’t have a specific goal for it, this makes the feature great to use.

8. Habitica

In our humble opinion, Habitica goes beyond all habit trackers out there because instead of just letting the user track their habits, it lets the user’s life become a glorious video game. From the looks of it, the app looks like it was built by a mobile game development company.

Habitica Software

This app is an RPG with habit tracking habits built-in. So when the user is working on self-improvement the user is building up a character from a game. This character can go on quests, party up with people and get mounts and all kinds of gear.

Now I have to admit that we all are nerds here, but everybody is not a nerd, so basically Habitica is not for everyone as a lot is going on in that game. The user can find all kinds of stats and buffs while experiencing this app. In our experience with the app, all the gamification elements that are built-in to Habitica are amazingly motivating.

One the game of Habitica starts the user does not want to fail a single habit because the user would be trying to earn some gold to buy gear or trying to level up the Habitica game character.

Another genius part about the habit-tracking app is that the user can party up with other people and go on quests and fight level bosses together. Please note that when the user is fighting a boss, at the end of each day the boss attacks the user, and the only way a boss can cause you damage is when someone from the party fails to do their habits. So if people don’t end doing what they are supposed to be doing everyone in the group suffers for it. This gives a great accountability element to the app and gets the user motivated.


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