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Earlier this year, Forbes released its list of the best cities to find a job. The top spot did not go to a metropolis like New York City or Los Angeles. The winner was: Austin, Texas.  What makes Austin such a great place for jobs?

According to mashable.com, Austin is home to large employers in fast-growing industries such as technology and healthcare.  Also, since it is the home of a very large university, The University of Texas, a lot of millennials live in Austin.

However, there are big cities near the top of the list among the best places for jobs. San Francisco, Seattle, Washington, DC, and Boston are in the top five, according to glassdoor.com These cities offer high median salaries ranging from $67,500-112,000 a year as well as the highest job satisfaction and work-life balance ratings in the country.

But are these numbers really an indicator as to which city is the best city for employment? After all, it’s great to have lots of millennials and a major university in your town, but is that really an indicator of how great the city is for employment? Surprisingly the answer is yes.

According to data on 24/7 Wall Street.com, the city with the lowest unemployment rate in Ames, Iowa home to Iowa State University. Many cities on the list were, in fact, college towns such as Fayetteville, Provo, Boulder, and Sioux Falls just to name a few. The large cities mentioned above, San Francisco, Seattle, Washington, DC, and Boston all have universities as well. Universities attract the best young talent, renowned faculty, and generate a high level of research activity thus creating job incubators. If you are not currently living in a college town consider moving to one. It’s the best place for job seekers.

A lot will also depend on your profession. There are jobs that are in demand everywhere right now and you do not necessarily have to move to the biggest job market out there. According to CNBC, the top in-demand jobs right now are home health aide, physical therapist, financial advisor, and software engineer. Also, you should consider whether the cities with most jobs statistically are a good fit for you personally. You should consider lots of factors such as: do you see yourself living here long term? Do you like the climate? Does it have convenient public transportation? As well as many others. The best cities for job seekers are not necessarily the most convenient.

Looking for the Cities with Best Job Markets? Try Looking Abroad

Have you ever considered working abroad? If not, then you should. According to a report by PwC, London, Paris, Tokyo, and Amsterdam rank in the top five in tools for changing the world, quality of life and economics. As an added bonus, living abroad is an exciting and rewarding experience full of adventures and exciting opportunities. All in all, the cities with the best job markets may not even be in the United States.

Every source will have what it believes, as the best cities for jobs in the US as well as the world because so much depends on the criteria.

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