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Do you ever feel pining for some more time to upgrade yourself professionally and increase a few of your skills?

Everyone does! Unfortunately, we are all stuck with a 24 hour day, and long working hours with a few hours left to ourselves.

How in this world can we attain this kind of development that we aspire with limited hours?

A lot of people say that time management is the key to professional development. However, even management, you are sometimes unable to achieve even the basic tasks for the day. Urgent meetings and other trivial tasks take up the remainder.

That’s where mobile apps come to your rescue. With the world growing smaller and their devices even smaller, mobile app solutions seem to be holding the key to time management, better organization, and professional development. It is a development that you achieve which will help you gather better opportunities for the future.

What is this professional development that we are speaking about? Let’s say you are an app developer. You have mastered Python. However, you want to upgrade your programming language knowledge and need to enter another arena soon. How would you do that, with half your time spent on getting the day’s work done? Mobile apps and the learning environment created as a result will help you keep abreast of the latest trends, and upgrade your skills.

Let’s have a look at some of the professional development apps that should help you improve your knowledge and create opportunities.

1. Elevate

Train your brain to think better and faster with Elevate. You tend to analyze better, have sharper instincts and are more confident by using this app

How does it work? Using gaming techniques, it helps improve your basic skills in writing, reading, listening, and Maths, all of which are needed for better development. You can customize the training based on your abilities. The focus of your training can be personalized too. You can track your performance against yourself, as well as others. The brain training algorithms used in this app are drawn from cognitive research studies as well as memory studies.

2. GiveGab

How does a non-profit application such as GiveGab offer professional development? Before answering this question, let us tell you what GiveGab does. It tells you about all the non-profit volunteering opportunities you will get in your neighbourhood.

Apart from being the opportunity driver for the community, it also helps raise funds for non-profit organizations.

If you want to connect with other NGOs to volunteer or help them raise funds, then this is your mobile app.

How does it help you? When you opt for non-profit work, it gets seen in your resume and gets you more opportunities. Your volunteering experience gives you an edge in understanding what is required to put yourself out there and get the results.

3. Brainsparker

Need creative inspiration?. It is an incredible app when it comes to triggering creativity. There is an umpteen number of creative prompts including quotes, images, and action words that can help you illustrate better.

It is the perfect app for teachers, who wish to give contextual examples or to the writers and bloggers who are thirsty for some creative inputs.

You can even download the premium version of the app for further prompts. This app is available for both iOS and Android.

illustration of the analytical and creative parts of the brain-Professional Development


We live in a connected world thanks to IoT, which is why this app is essential. Let’s understand how it helps you with professional development.

Considering the app requires a trigger to offer a response, this works best in the professional world. IFTTT stands for If this then that, which ultimately means an action would be taken for a particular trigger.

It could be used for numerous things including social media marketing or customized versions of personal assistants. In short, the app tends to increase your efficiency through personalized wearable, assistants and marketing channels.

5. Pocket

You want to learn more and keep abreast with the changing trends, but somehow it does not happen. While you need to keep up with the time management skills you are yet to acquire, Pocket allows you to keep up with the latest in articles and blogs that are relevant to you.

It allows you to bookmark all the different articles, and save them for a later time.

The best part of this app is that you can view them in offline mode, and it will be easy viewing. So, basically with pocket, you don’t have to leave out on any news. Just create the right filters and you are ready to carry information in your pocket. 

6. Grip

Networking is the key to increasing business opportunities. However, for most businesses, it is networking that they fail to attain or, it is the networking that makes their lives difficult.

With Grip, networking can be made easy and hassle-free. You are connected with people who match your profile and can collaborate with them to work through proper channels. It is a tinder-like app for networking.

If the profile and the needs match, you are connected, and you can take the communication forward.

With the right connections, you are sure to move forward with your business.

Professional Development

7. Contactually 

What is the most difficult task for you as an entrepreneur or salesperson? Managing meetings, keeping a record of your schedules, and ensuring all the emails are in one place. What if tracking all the information related to one client is kept in one place, such that it helps reach out faster, an app ensures a good follow-up session?

Contactually does that for you. it helps keep all the communication in one place, which eventually helps in building relationships, and boosts your efficiency. It keeps an eye out for all the tasks included in relationship building, thus making your life easy and hassle-free. You would know what actions you need to take next, and it will be done without much interference.

8. Duolingo 

Learning a language not only helps you with better communication but also gives you an edge in your professional development. However, not all of us can attend a particular language school or train online through paid classes?

That’s why you need the Duolingo app. It helps you gain proficiency in foreign languages, which eventually gives you an edge over your competitors.

The push notifications and daily reminders help you stay focused and learning the language better with this app. It helps create better opportunities.

Summing Up

Improving your skills and upgrading your abilities is a constant affair, and it will help gain an edge over the competition. You will be abreast of the current trends as well as the technologies and techniques that are being used.

You will also have better soft and core skills, which will help you get back to work easily. Apart from being good at what you do, you also need to think out of the box and give your creative and relationship-building side a thoroughness.

Here we have listed out 8 apps that will help enhance your professional skills, thus enabling you to get better chances professionally.



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Varsha Solanki is a Digital Marketing Strategist at Space-O Technologies, a mobile app development company. She has 3 years of experience in the Information Technology industry. She spends her time reading about new trends in Digital Marketing and the latest technologies.

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