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The gig economy is big right now, and virtually anyone with a valuable skill can now earn a living working on their own time. Even a skill as commonplace as driving could enable you to earn a significant amount of money. For example, you could find some courier jobs, work as a driver for one of the popular ridesharing services, or take some jobs as a food delivery driver.

Food delivery is one of the hottest sectors in the gig economy and a great way for anyone who meets the basic requirements to either supplement or makes a full-time income. Here are some of the main benefits of working as a food delivery driver.

1. Flexible Working Hours

This is probably one of the first things that attract people to this job.

If you want to take jobs at 2 in the morning, fine, there’s always someone calling. You’re a student and want to take jobs in between sessions?

You can also turn on the app for a couple of hours and earn some money in your free time. And you don’t have to deal with passengers either.

Another great thing is that some services will pay you more during busy hours, so if you can squeeze a few of those in, you can bring home some extra money.

2. You’re Not Tied Down to One Service

Another great thing about working as a fast-food delivery driver is that you can choose to work for multiple services at once.

However, you have to make sure that you take care of insurance first as you will be working as an independent worker. You need a type of insurance made specifically for delivery drivers if you want to be able to work and be covered.

If you want to save on insurance, you can check out sites that will allow you to compare fast food delivery insurance quotes from multiple providers, like Quotezone for instance.

They will connect you to a variety of fast food delivery insurance providers and allow you to find the best for you. They’re independent and aren’t affiliated with any provider either, so you know that their advice will be fair and unbiased.

3. Fast Pay

The way you get paid to these types of services is very rewarding. Instead of having to wait for a cheque, most will allow you to get paid on the spot. This is very motivating for drivers, and great if you’re ever strapped for cash and need a quick boost. You can also make some great money from the tips as well.

Not only that, but many services offer guaranteed incentives depending on certain criteria.

For instance, you may have to work from 9 to 5 and accept a certain percentage of orders coming in. But the bonuses can be well worth it depends on the service.


Working as a fast-food delivery driver can be a great way to make money on the side, or as a full-time hustle.

However, make sure that you know everything there is to know and what you should expect before you start, so you can know if this is truly something you could do.


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