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Looking for a career in IT?

You’re not alone. With a burgeoning skills gap and job market growth rates well above the national average, there has never been a better time to make your mark on the industry.

That said, getting ahead in IT demands more than an interest in technology and a solid resume. The right certifications can help open career doors, increase your salary, and provide a variety of career options moving forward.

Want to go from entry-level to management-grade? Start with the right IT training.

Benefits of Technology Certifications

The jury is out — are you better served with a four-year technology degree or jumping right into the certification classroom? Both offer benefits. For example, traditional programs provide generalized knowledge that increases your overall value and flexibility.

Certifications, meanwhile, also provide significant advantages, such as:

  • Purpose-Driven KnowledgeHoping to land a particular job or solve a specific problem in your organization? The right IT certification gives you the skills needed to make the shortlist, or address unique issues.
  • Limitless Opportunity From the generalized process certifications to data analytics, cloud computing, and IT security, there are always new certifications in development to help improve your IT knowledge.
  • Better Options With the right certifications on your resume, you’re more valuable to your current organization and gain the skills to apply to other, more specialized positions.

From Beginner to Advanced

Not sure what’s right for you? There are a wide variety of certifications available to meet your needs and skill levels, including:

Beginners Just starting in IT? Consider the well-known CompTIA A+ certification, which teaches PC fundamentals or Microsoft Office Specialist (MOS) to enhance productivity.

IntermediateCompTIA Cloud+ offers the tools and training you need to implement a secure cloud environment.

ExpertWant to dig deeper? Try the Certified Information Security Manager (CISM) certification to enhance your knowledge of IT threats and response.

AdvancedReady to make the jump to the executive track? You’ll need certifications such as Certified Chief Information Security Officer (CCISO) to get that corner office.

IT careers are booming. From entry-level to expert, the right technology certifications make all the difference.

IT Certification And Career Guide from TrainACE


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