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The fact that photographers do not need to do a normal 9-5 job gives out an impression that what they’re doing is easy and pretty much awesome, too.

However, choosing to be a photographer, just like any other career choice, does not happen in just a single click. It takes months or sometimes, even years, before one can be a professional photographer. Attending conferences and trainings is a must to get proper certifications, and having the right camera and accessories should be considered as well.

What a photographer can see behind those lenses are beyond what our normal eyes can see; that’s what makes the job exciting and interesting. And I think that’s why people are getting fascinated with photography and to seriously think about their career choice moving forward.

There are other reasons why being a photographer is an awesome career choice, and we’ve listed seven of them below:

1. Photography Is an Accessible Craft

Taking pictures these days do not only depend on having a good-quality camera anymore because even smartphones can be used to satisfy your cravings as an amateur photographer.

The growing population of aspiring photographers is noticeable through the years, too. You’ll see how budding designers would photograph their own design and directly post it on their blog or social media account.

Make-up artists who turn out to be their own photographers as well to market their craft. Or fashion bloggers who depend on their tripod, camera timer and the skill to strike a pose just before the shutter goes off. It shows how photography is made for all.

More so, even professional gears have become more affordable for most – or at least for those who aspire to be a photographer – making photography an accessible craft.

As soon as you buy that first quality camera of yours, you can already start your new venture from then on. Practice whenever you get an inspiration and bring the camera with you in every travel you go to.

2. Look for Quality Photographers Are on the Rise

If there is one thing that marketing people tend to always do nowadays, that is the constant pursuit of quality photographers.

Gone are the days that photographers or videographers were only needed for press conferences, or to give content to a local or national black and white printed newspapers. The virtual world has been so fluid, creating a constant need to publish quality content and images.

Ironically, printed magazines now have to catch up with the digital ones, pushing them to come up with astounding visuals that make them always in the on the look-out for quality photographers too.

Different events and occasions keep a separate budget for good coverage all the time. And what’s more interesting is that no two projects are the same.

3. You Can Be Your Own Boss

Working outside someone else’s rules and policies is the next big thing and being a photographer lets you enjoy just that.

However, if you are just a budding photographer, it might be best to collaborate with creative agencies first. This would allow you to better your craft and focus on knowing your market initially before jumping into the business side straight away. And even by doing so, you can still be in control of your own terms and you get to work as you prefer.

Now working independently or as a freelance can then be the next option as you move forward with your photography career.

Be ready to accept the fact though, that wanting to get more freedom on how you want to run your day-to-day business; means welcoming more complicated responsibilities as well.

4. Work at Your Own Pace

Some of us are morning persons, while some people get more active at night. And for those who don’t want the conventional way of working hours, this could be an answered prayer.

Working as a photographer lets you work on your schedule and at your own pace. There will be times that you will have back-to-back events for a week, and then a week of holiday in return. You have an option to take it easy for a day and work in the comfort of your home as you clear emails and do some editing.

While some days, you go out and do an out-of-town photoshoot. Being a photographer lets you be in control more of how your day, week or even month would be.

Things such as everyday schedules and days off change almost every day or every week in a photographer’s life, which is for them considered to be the norm.

Being a Photographer is an Awesome Career Choice

Photo Credit – Pexels.com

5. Opens Opportunities as You Get to Meet Other People

Every new project means a new clientele to work with. You as a photographer has a chance to broaden your horizon as you meet different kinds of people along the way. There will be clients who would test your patience, marketing professionals who are perfectionists and customers who would share your work through word of mouth.

There will be times wherein you would be needing an extra-hand for a certain project and you get to bring your own team. Or days wherein the client is in charge of getting the rest of the team, so you end up mingling with new people.

Later on, you’ll find it motivating to meet people who share the same interest.

6. Serves as Your Artistic Outlet

Photography is probably one of the most accessible crafts which could serve as an artistic outlet. In hindsight, all you need is a trusty camera and a bit of an inspiration and you’re ready to go.

Whether you are having the best mood or a gloomy day, you can always express it through photography. And the best part is, you don’t have to explain your shots. It is subjective, hence it’s better to leave the rationalization to the receiver.

In photography, there is no restriction. Clients may give you a detailed brief on how they want their wedding shots to be taken, but the whole conceptualization depends on you as a photographer. You have the freedom to be artistic as you can be.

7. Easily Branch Out Into Other Fields

As you continue to master your craft in photography, you are also entitled to try out other fields. Some examples would include, providing tutorials to other aspiring photographers or maybe learn how to be a videographer too.

And although photography is indeed an awesome craft to choose as a career, it still should not stop you from trying out other opportunities. Especially if you have established a good foundation already.

Photography does not only bring out the best in a person, it also serves as a constant reminder that nothing is impossible with hard-work. Yes, it may have its moments especially if you’re new in the business, yet the results once were seen are indeed always rewarding.

Don’t give up too quick after hearing an unpleasant feedback. Always remember, if everyone can be a photographer so are you.



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Geraldine Mills works as an Outreach Community Specialist for Photography Institute, a leading photography school that offers online photography courses using the advanced and comprehensive online learning techniques. When she’s not working, she’s at home sipping the best local wine while reading travel itineraries for more adventures.

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