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With every passing day, the digital world has been bringing new and exciting software, strategies, trends, and high-tech inventions to the table.

The ever-evolving digital platform has opened up new avenues for people. Where the brick and mortar stores are transforming into online entities, the consumers and youngsters—especially, are looking for ways to embark on the prosperous career of web development in the UK.

The amazing quality of this profession is that you can get a headstart in this field at any moment of your life. You only have to feel that rage of passion and evolution along with a set of proper guidelines to assist you in shaping your career into a productive, let alone profitable experience.

Pursuing a career is quite a tricky thing. You should have a clear vision and aim before investing in your plan.

The best thing you can do is to have an insight into the respective course and learn some basics before putting huge bucks to achieve your goals.

Below is a list of free courses that are valuable and provide a comprehensive outlook of the web development industry. Let’s have a look at them:

1. CodeAcademy

The courses at CodeAcademy enlighten its learners with the basics of the web development process. It offers a series of tutorials to help viewers understand more efficiently.

Moreover, it provides access to an in-browser development environment, which enables students to learn the implementation of front-end codes and know the basic structures before moving-on backend languages and codes.

The course participants can also acquire command on different coding languages like HTML, CSS, Java, SQL, Python, Bash/Shell, Rails, and Ruby.

At Codecademy, the faculty is committed to building the finest learning experience, all in all, making it one of the best places to learn, teach, and fabricate future-friendly online learning experiences.

2. Khan Academy

Khan Academy is the most comprehensive site offering a huge collection of notes and courses over various subjects and principles related to diverse fields.

From offering expert assistance in educational fields to guiding students to help them acquire professional expertise, Khan Academy is a treasure full of valuable courses.

You can find many video tutorials and audio clips teaching about various processes and techniques involved in highly competitive fields.

Being a partner with some of the most reputable names such as The Museum of Modern Art, NASA, MIT, and The California Academy of Sciences, Khan Academy provides its students with specialized content.

The resources here are being translated into over 36 languages, with Spanish, French, and Brazilian Portuguese to name a few.

3. MIT OpenCourseWare

MIT is the best technical school based in the United States. It provides a broad collection of inspiring, rich and informative guidelines. The self-guided courses teach students about various programming and development basics while assisting them to master superior skills and display an unmatchable level of expertise.

The courses related to development, programming, computer engineering, and mathematics are equipped with several expert audio and video lectures.

MIT has been awarding electrical engineering degrees for around 130 years. The academic programs and courses they provide are at the cutting edge of the fields since the inception.

They provide detailed learning in engineering principles based on mathematics, computation, as well as the physical and life sciences.

3. Coursera

Like MIT, Coursera provides a plethora of online courses to its students. It gathers a huge collection of productive and efficient courses from the leading universities around the globe and helps its students acquire the best education without spending a penny.

Every course has its timelines and is available for multiple fields. The platform provides exceptional tutorials from experts on programming and development and computer courses.

Courses include auto-graded and peer-reviewed assignments, recorded video lectures, as well as community discussion forums. On completing a course, the learners will get a shareable online Course Certificate.

4. Mozilla Development Network  

Mozilla the well-known owner, of the Firefox browser, offers a line of programming and development courses to beginners. Each course is entirely free of cost and provides an efficient manner of acquiring innovative skills.

The sources, articles, notes, lectures, and audio/video files help students to embark on a prosperous journey of web development.

The technologies MDN provides assistance in includes HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Graphics, HTTP, APIs / DOM, Browser Extensions, and MathML.

Furthermore, the site provides true-method and references to practice professional skills, whereas the range of topics is diversified and covers topics related to front-end languages to basic introductions. 

5. HTML Rocks

Though the site provides an incredibly challenging user interface, it is a pool full of most authentic and highly productive courses.

The HTML Rocks site was created by Google and is a bit of a lackluster when it comes to user interface. The site delivers a huge range of course outlines covering basics to advanced level of programming and development topics.

It aims to transform beginners into expert professionals by providing true guidelines.

6. A list Apart

A-List Apart is a comprehensive online magazine, which covers various fields including techniques, design, development, programming, codes, and languages.

It offers informative course outlines, video tutorials, and audio files to guide its students. Moreover, for beginners, it offers inspiring facts and quotations from influential experts.

7. Coding Dojo Algorithm Prep

Coding Dojo is an authentic site, which covers the broad field of coding and languages involved in programming and development. It guides freshers about handling the complexities of codes and modern languages.

The collection of rich courses and expert videos instruct and guide students to develop professional skills. It teaches all about programming algorithms.

Summing Up

The moment you get your feet wet with web development courses, you need to choose a particular field to master your skills in the beginning. Most developers go for transitioning towards the backend programming of the site.

What you should do is, carry out proper, in-depth research, and choose a particular language you want to excel in. You need to cover the vast field of development gradually and efficiently.

We wish you the best in your Web Development Career!!

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