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Gibbering messes, emotional strangers, extra training, and bodily fluids all await you in your future medical career. To help you prepare yourself for the shocks that await you, read on.

1. People Will Cry on You

Yup, working in the medical field means people will cry on you. Strangers will cry on you, colleges will cry on you too, and it’s not just doctors that are exposed to this threat on a daily basis. Folks cry at nurses, admin staff, hospital porters, and even janitors too if they are the only ones around.

Why? Well, it’s because being ill is a very vulnerable state for most people. They don’t feel their physical or mental best. They are in pain and are undergoing scary treatments, often with no guarantees about the outcome.

All this fear and emotion has to come out somewhere, and more often than not it will be you that gets catharted on. So keep some tissues close to hand.

2. You Will Cry

Working in medicine isn’t all mopping fever brows you know. Sometimes it can get pretty stressful. Especially if you are fighting with all your might to help someone and your attempts don’t quite reach the mark.

For some, this will mean that a patient goes home worse off than when they arrived. For others, it means the patient doesn’t get to go home. This is the brutal truth of the medical professional, people die sometimes. No matter what you have done in your own small way to help them.

This is sad and stressful, and it will cause you to cry. Even if you have been voted person in your class most likely to be emotionally dead inside.

For you, this experience may be good, or bad or a mixture of both, but just be ready to have it, As the odds are it will rear its head at some point or another.

3. You Need to Keep up with Your Certifications

Something that can be surprising to a lot of medical professionals is that once they have ploughed all of that money, and work into getting qualified, they have to do additional training every so often to remain so.

However, completing courses like ACLS certification is actually a positive thing. As they keep your knowledge fresh and current, allowing you to provide the best care for your patients. Something that in the ever-developing field of medicine can only be a good thing.

4. Unhygienic Working Environments (The One You Wish No One Had Ever Mentioned!)

Well, I told you that you wouldn’t want this one mentioning! Careers in the medical arena are often held in high esteem by society in general.

There are two reasons for this. The first is that they are essential to the success of Society. The second is that the people that work in them have to do all sorts of icky things including dealing with other people’s poop, mucus, blood, etc.

Yes, such things may be surprising, but unfortunately, it just comes with the territory. So best steel yourself now, before you start your medical career for this surprise, or should I say shock, in particular.

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