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You might know the direction you want your career to take and the job you want to land, but getting it is another matter entirely. It takes time, dedication, and working your way up the ranks, yes. But getting yourself in the position to do that also takes some proactive action.

People need to take notice of you and to see that you’re worth giving the opportunity. To make that happen, you need to be the best employee you can be right now, not down the line.

1. Master the Process 

A lot of people fall at the first hurdle. That is, they don’t master the process of getting a job in the first place and learning how to appeal to employers.

Resources like SCOPE Recruiting career advice can be instrumental in give you a closer look at that process and finding out what employers really want. Look to those who work with employers on a regular basis.

Find out what they want to see from your resume, from your interviews, and beyond.

2. Make it Your Passion

Doing the work is important, but you should treat it as more than a day job. If you want it to become your career, then your field of work needs to become a passion.

If you want to gain the industry knowledge that can make you an expert, don’t just learn it in the workplace. Find a mentor that can help you deepen your knowledge. Network with others in the industry. Study in your own time.

3. Develop Yourself

Industry knowledge isn’t all it takes to make a great employee, either. You should be working on your soft skills in your own time.

Improve your time management, your communication, your ability to hold focus on a task, and to prioritize your workload. These soft skills help in every aspect of life, not just the workplace.

4. Be the Superstar

As you build the base of your career (that is, yourself), you should also be building how well you’re able to show it off. This doesn’t mean becoming hyper-competitive in the workplace and constantly fishing for credit over your employees.

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Rather, consider how you build your personal brand outside the company you work for. Skill crush personal branding tips show that more and more employers are looking at their personal reputation and the evidence that the people they hire are truly dedicated to their work.

A personal brand is your way of demonstrating that you’re not just another worker, but someone that’s truly career-minded.

5. Keep a Positive Approach

This might seem like a small tip, but it’s one that can make the most powerful personal impact when you’re talking to employers and others in the industry. Instead of being a problem identifier, become a problem solver.

When at work, don’t bring up barriers to work and issues without also having some kind of solution at hand. Get proactive. Employers appreciate someone who can handle themselves on their own, even if they do need permission to go ahead and do it.

You’re not going to become an expert overnight. But truly excelling in your career means not only working on your job but on every aspect of your professional self. Knowledge, personal skills, branding, it all contributes. Start making your own self-development plan now.

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