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Job seekers have the qualities of traditional customers. They do plenty of research about a brand before applying for an opening. Job seekers spend at least four to five hours on each job opening. Undeniably, this is a considerable amount of time and effort on your brand.

Employers, on the other hand, need to make the most of this time and effort. They should engage potential job seekers in strategies that would appeal and attract them.

Employers need to evaluate and understand the needs of job seekers. This understanding separates conventional employers from the rest. If you want to go beyond traditional hiring processes, this guide will lend you a hand of help.

Here are a few tips on how to become a talent magnet.

In this modern era, employers are bombarded with numerous recruitment strategies. It is quite challenging to get rid of confusion and the noise in each method. Many hiring teams are distracted when they have to stay strong and focused.

According to modern talent acquisition teams, there are four critical steps in the hiring process. This includes the following:

  • Discovering top talent
  • Attracting the creamy layer
  • Application
  • Engagement and signing off the final deal

The best way to become a talent magnet is by walking in the shoes of the job seeker. Put on their shoes and you will be aware of how they feel.

Step 1: Begin with Branding

Always stick to your company’s brand value. Every company has a value in the market. Use this brand value to attract potential talent.

According to a recent study by LinkedIn, more than 75% of the creamy layer is waiting for better jobs. Make use of these figures. By embracing and improving your brand value, more professionals will want to apply for your openings.

Branding during recruitment is quite different from marketing! Remember, you cannot use your marketing strategies during an interview. Sometimes, you should think differently and make your brand sound different. Many renowned companies use quizzes to hire top talent.

This is because quizzes can be customized and created in very intuitive ways. And, candidates often feel challenged by quizzes. This is when they feel appealed and are inclined to apply.

In the long run, the toughness and creative touch in your recruitment drives will become a brand image for your organization. And, this will add more value to your company and make you a talent magnet.

Step 2 – Claim Your Brand Value

So, you are a company with 500 employees. In the past few years, you have satisfied more than 200 customers. Go ahead and claim these achievements. When your company is doing good, you must reveal it to the outside world.

Create pages on social media networking sites like LinkedIn and Career Page. Create stunning and accurate profiles. And, encourage employees, rivals, and customers to follow you.

Don’t forget to gather information from your followers. Remember, your first and best audience (especially during recruitment drives) would-be candidates. The best way to extract information from huge target groups is through quizzes.

Create a quiz that can help you understand your target audience. Use this information before you plan to hire. Quizzes in social media networks have a better reach than any other method. Most candidates don’t think twice to take a quiz and convey their opinions.

When you create a quiz to gather information and claim brand value, be specific. Stick to “relevant” quizzes like the personality and assessment ones.

Step 3 – Look Around

It is important to look for talent everywhere. Don’t stick to traditional requirements. Instead, look for talents who are a cocktail of the right qualification, attitude, and experience. At all times, you must prefer those who are skilled and experienced for the role.

The moment your company looks beyond traditional qualifications, you will be able to attract candidates from all horizons.

Experts believe that a few smart moves can change the way customers see your brand. As mentioned previously, look into the talent and smartness of the candidates.

Traditional interview questions will not help you uncover these elements. This is why many companies create a quiz and incorporate it into their interview process. Your quiz should be based on the role and its requirements. This is one of the finest ways to filter candidates without wasting time or effort. Above all, candidates will appreciate your thoughtfulness.

Quizzes offer a win-win situation. Both the organization and the candidates will be able to judge suitability. For instance, if the candidate is unable to crack your quiz, they may need more preparation, or maybe the role is not fit for them!

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Step 4 – Native Genius

Moving on, you should figure out the native genius qualities of the candidates. By definition, native genius qualities refer to things a person can do naturally. They are bound to be excellent in these areas. As a hiring team, you must check if qualities required for the role are a part of the candidate’s native genius traits. If yes, don’t think twice to hire the person.

When you focus on native geniuses, the amount of time invested in training reduces. Also, potential candidates will appreciate your keenness in their area of specialization. The creamy layer expects and looks for companies that can identify their native genius qualities. Once again, use the right tools to identify native geniuses.

Native geniuses are often simple people with answers to everything a role demands. And, the best way to uncover a native genius is to create a quiz and present it to them! Voila, you will be astonished by how fast they can solve your quiz. The answers would appear natural and quick.

Step 5 – A Step Ahead

If someone asks you to name two or three people who excel in critical positions at your firm, will you be able to answer them? If no, you must attend interviews and hire people who can help you answer. Never look for talent when you need them the most. Instead, have top talent next to you all the time.

This is what business leaders do to become a talent magnet. They understand and analyze the future ahead of time. This helps them stay successful for a very long period.

To create a quiz and gather responses from a large crowd takes time. You cannot create a quiz and believe it to be effective overnight it takes time. Meanwhile, the quiz is a great tool for replacing traditional recruitment methods when you have time. If you have three months before the main event, go ahead, create a quiz, and cover as many candidates as possible.

Bottom Line

On the whole, hiring new people into your company is an art. You should plan every move with care. Ensure that you choose someone who fits the role and your brand. Stick to methods that are open and reliable!

And, create a quiz wherever possible to become a talent magnet. After all, this is identified as a modern way of attracting top talent and showcasing your company as a creative one!

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