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job interview is always an event that will pressure you to no ends, especially if you don’t prepare for it. Whether you are a fresh graduate or have already been in the workforce, it pays to always prepare for your job interview. Now, the tip here is to always get an early start.​

​You don’t need a full day to prepare for your interview, but you need at least half a day. Here are some tips on how you can prepare for your interview in less than 24 hours.​

​1. Research on the Company

The first thing to do is to research the company. Start first with the basic stuff like the address, the personnel, and the products and services. After that, go to deeper stuff like the mission, vision, the partners, the history, and other things.

​ his is very important because the interviewer will most likely ask you what you know about the company so far. It’s good that you have something to answer.

2. Come up With Three Strengths, Weaknesses, and Reasons Why You’ll Be an Asset

It’s best that you come up with these three beforehand so that you won’t get caught off guard. For weaknesses, remember to never blatantly put yourself down, but rather mention weaknesses that could boost you (e.g. being a workaholic, being too nice).

​Three is a good number just in case the interviewer asks for more than one during the job interview.

3. Prepare an Answer to Where You’ll See Yourself in 5 Years

Another question that they’ll most likely ask would be where you see yourself in 5 years. This is a tricky question because it’ll give them an inkling as to whether you’ll be a long-term asset for not. To get past this, always mention that you want to grow in a good company and climb the corporate ladder.

​Never mention that you want to do business in 5 years as this will give interviewers an impression that you will leave the company after learning the ropes.

4. Research for Other Potential Interview Questions

There are a lot of other usual questions that you can research as well such as, “Can you give a story of when you were faced with a dilemma and solved it?” and much more. Now, if the interviewer asks you a weird question such as, “How many layers of the ground are on the earth?”

​If you know the answer, answer it, but if you don’t, always respond with, “I don’t know as of the moment, but I will do my research and get back to you.” Questions like these are meant to test how well you react to situations.

5. Practice With a Friend

It’s always best to have a dry run, so come up with a list of possible questions and practice your interview with a friend. This will help you to be ready for a job interview. 

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6. Prepare Your Clothes Before You Sleep

Before the day ends and before you sleep, always prepare your clothes and make sure that they’re all set to go. Go to your job interview in formal attire.

 7. Sleep Early

Always remember to sleep early so that you will be full of energy for your interview.

8. Eat a Good Breakfast

Lastly, never skip breakfast because it is a good breakfast that will get you through the day. Breakfast is the most important meal of the day because it is the first meal that will give you the most energy to start the day with.

These are some effective tips on how to prepare for an interview. Always remember that the first impression lasts, so if you want the job, you need to show your best. To do so, you always have to prepare and be ready for a job interview. 

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