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A happy workforce is a productive workforce, as most managers and HR professionals know. In recent years, numerous startup companies have grabbed attention by using some unusual methods to create a happier workforce.

They’ve experimented with unorthodox ideas such as unlimited vacation time. These companies have also created more flexible workspaces and gone overboard with perks such as in-office climbing walls and coffee shops.

Although there’s something to be said about these ideas, the reality is that not all companies have the resources to implement them into their workplaces.

However, even if your company can’t adopt one of these radical ideas, you still have all the raw materials at your disposal to create a happier and more productive workforce.

Peer-to-peer recognition programs can be the tool you need to unlock the potential that already exists within your workplace for more engaged and happier employees.

Peer-to-peer recognition programs encourage and empower co-workers to recognize and reward one another for putting in their best efforts every day.

A typical recognition program usually features management singling out employees who go above and beyond in their duties, which can be very effective at motivating employees to do their best.

However, peer-to-peer recognition programs have the potential to be more effective because of the layer of authenticity they bring to the rewards that employees receive.

When employees receive recognition from someone who does practically the same work they do all day, it carries a genuine sense of appreciation. Understandably, this type of recognition helps make co-workers feel more energized and engaged, knowing that their peers are appreciative of their efforts. Though it also serves to create a stronger sense of camaraderie in the workplace.

Because employee engagement is such a vital part of retention, this type of program can be extremely important to a company’s long-term success.

Implementing a peer-to-peer recognition program taps into a significant resource that your business already has. By unlocking the potential of your employees to drive greater engagement, you help ensure that your company has a happier, more motivated workforce that will drive it to new heights.

The following guide details some of the most important elements of peer-to-peer recognition programs and how you can make them work for your company.

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 Carl Martens is a resident catalyst for change at Award Concepts. After graduating with a degree in sales and marketing from DeVry University, he has become an advocate for his clients. He is dedicated to working closely with his clients to understand their organization and develop and deliver custom recognition programs. 

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