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There is nothing new in losing your temper, disappointing your boss, and embarrassing yourself at your workplace. It happens. No one is perfect.

But when a person is able to keep his cool and endure stressful situations, you know for sure that he has the important characteristics that a good leader should have.

Good leaders often excel at work and are the ones most likely to get promoted. To read more on some important leadership skills, just click on the link.

But when the going gets tough, here are a few steps you can take to avoid losing your temper at work:

1. Take a Step Back

Do not react negatively Take a step back and look at the situation from another point of view. Think about it and weigh in what just happened. Look at it from all perspectives and analyze how it came to happen. Knowing the cause of the problem can help you decide on your next steps. To maintain a cool mind and be logical about the situation.

If you rush things and react negatively in an instant, you might say or do something that will be detrimental to both your personal and professional life. In fact, most problems appear to be not a problem anymore the next day so try to sleep on it instead of just losing your cool which will only risk your job.

2. Be the Voice of Reason

You know what they often say, “be the bigger person.” When you catch yourself in the middle of a fight at work, stop and think about the consequences of your next actions. Remember that one single mistake can cost you your job or your reputation.

When someone raises his voice to you, you do not have to yell back at him. Keep your voice calm and study, and maintain professional behavior. Remember that you do not fight fire with fire because that could only worsen the situation.

If the other person cannot be the bigger person, then be that one instead. You will be amazed to find out that keeping your cool could actually mend the situation and even lead the other person to apologize to you.

3. Think before You Speak

A lot of people have regretted saying something they did not mean when they were mad so think carefully before you speak words that are hurtful or nasty.

Remember that you are in a professional environment and that you have to maintain professional conduct. When you say something bad that could also have a negative impact on you and not just to the person you addressed those bad things too.

Be aware of what you say at all times because a simple word could affect your reputation and credibility.

Additionally, you do not want to strain your relationships at work because it could affect your productivity as well.

4. Do Not Take it Personally

You have to realize that somehow you have to departmentalize your life. There are certain things that must be taken only professionally and not personally. As an example, if you find yourself being verbally abused by a customer, make sure not to return the favor.

Instead, ask questions as to why he is angry and how you could help. Investigate until you find out the root cause of the problem. Once you find out about what the problem is, try your best to fix it.

Loosing your Temper

At the end of the day, you might even be rewarded for a job well done or better yet actually receive an apology from that mad customer.

5. Walk Away

We are all just humans and there will be times that it is going to be too much for us. When push comes to shove, just walk away. Do not give them the benefit of losing yourself right there and then.

When you walk away, you are not running away from the problem. You are just simply taking your time to cool down and think about the situation. In fact, you can use this time alone to think about what just happened and make an assessment of it. Think about possible solutions that you can do in a professional manner.

Go to the gym or walk in the park. A short break from the situation or even from the office can go a long way and offer your fresh perspectives on things.

6. Imagine Yourself Losing Your Temper

Perhaps the best way to avoid losing your temper is to actually imagine yourself losing your temper. In this way, you can picture the consequences you will have to face when you snap at the office place and risk your relationships at work and even your career in general.

When you are angry, it might seem like the only way out is to simply burst into anger but that is wrong. Take a step back and think about what could happen to you and your career if you say something negative or do something repulsive in the office.

Think long term and think whether losing your temper is worth it. The truth is, it is almost always not worth it.

7. Take a Break

One reason why you could be losing your cool at work is stress. You may be overworked. Spare some time to meditate or exercise in short intervals. Go for a walk.

These short breaks can help maintain a healthy work-life and could briefly pull you away from the harsh reality when working. Admit it, work can really be stressful sometimes.

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