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Learning and transitioning in a career for better development is an ongoing process. Sometimes the choices are overwhelming while at times they are daunting. Nevertheless, it is imperative to make a career decision.

Do you have that view of what your career trajectory should look like? Have you heard of the phrase “taking a leap of faith”? Well, don’t just take a leap based on your belief, have a good thought, proper research and make an informed decision.

Here is one country that promises steady career growth in various fields. With an economy standing tall for 25 years, seeing steady growth, Australia is one flexible and adapting nation. Australia is a fun, challenging, yet rewarding country to study or settle.

To help you, we have listed four fields that fetch one good job and has a good scope for career growth in Australia.

1. Information and Communication Technology (ICT)

To give you an idea about the ICT industry’s capacity in Australia, know that this sector accounts for a 6.6% increase in Australia’s GDP. The IT spending by organizations in Australia is forecasted to grow 2.8% in the year 2017, i.e., $85 billion.

It implies that there will be quality jobs in the new digital platforms like the traditional IT, Internet of Things, intelligence, and the ecosystem foundation.

The major players in the technology sector are IBM, Cisco, Alcatel-Lucent, CSC, and Avaya. Some of the significant trends to look out for are cloud computing, blockchain, e-commerce, and artificial intelligence.

Information and Communication Technology (ICT)

Technology is now a powerful tool that businesses utilize to increase productivity that consequently produces profitable results. This need of companies creates more job openings in the ICT industry. Along with a handsome salary, there are also amazing perks.

Once you step into the industry, there is a lot of room for creativity. There are much important software and technology that big businesses are working on, plenty of ideas to facilitate better advancements that you can be part of, and you can even innovate.

Australia offers not just the base technology but also a great room for innovation. ICT is one industry that promises an incredible career growth, and if you keep yourself updated, then there is no stopping you.

2. Accounting

Accounting is as old as the time when people started to track their assets; be it simple documentation of gold dealings, or keeping a check on the food stock, or number of cows in some cattle, or any trade activity.

Accounting in the modern world comprises various activities including auditing, taxation, and also assurance.

Combining the intricate knowledge of accountancy with the capabilities of technology, smart and intelligent business decisions can be derived.

Cloud-based accounting is beneficial in serving the customer and a study by Accountex predicts that around 90% of the SMEs will be using it by the end of 2017. Globalization will only fuel the increasing need for better accounting solutions.

Choosing Accounting

Some of the largest accounting firms are Deloitte, Ernst Young, KPMG, PricewaterhouseCoopers, Westpac Group, Commonwealth Bank, QANTAS, Wesfarmers, CIMIC Group.

The majority of the students that work for such top firms are CPA (Certified Practising Accountants) certified; one of the largest accounting bodies in the world with over 150,000 members. 

Accounting is one important aspect of business and provides professionals with a promising career.

3. Nursing

The healthcare industry in the past decade has realized the actual importance as well as the potential of the nurses.

It is no exaggeration when saying that the health care industry is baseless without the nurses. In Australia, the Nursing and Midwifery Board of Australia (NMAC) is an agency under the Australian Health Practitioner Regulation Agency (APHRA) that monitors the practice of nursing.

The standard of health care in Australia has risen. The prospects for a nursing career are wide, and the pay is fair. The hospitals have adopted modern ways and also the latest technology as well as infrastructure. 

Nursing Careers

There is a dearth of qualified professionals who can cater to the evolving needs of the industry especially in the mental care, child care, and aged care division. The niche also offers growth in regards to moving to a managerial position like Nurse Unit Managers (NUM).

The health centers are now looking forward to serving the patient in a better manner. It requires agile staff who are well-versed with their work and can learn the use of various medical equipment efficiently.

You can not only study the effective way in which the nursing industry manages the work and assists in-patient care but also learn the advanced method to take care of different categories of patients like children, aged people, mentally or physically challenged people and such.

Nurses not only care but are healers and many are having a satisfying career in this noble profession.

4. Engineering 

Some of the greater inventions and discoveries since past centuries are significant work of Engineering. The laptop, mobile phone, PC, tablet, the lights of your room, the car you drive, the road you drive on, the many daily things you use are nothing but works of engineering.

The requirement of a skilled professional in the various engineering field is diverse.

Some of the fields that demand a qualified and talented workforce are Civil Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Electrical Engineering, Mining Engineering, Chemical Engineering, Production or Plant Engineering, Biomedical Engineering, Telecommunication Engineering. 

Engineering Careers

In Australia, the engineers’ team is in general bifurcated into three roles namely Professional Engineers, Engineering Technologists, Engineering Associates. Australia is a strong technologically. Innovation has been embraced by the Australian market, and also there have been significant inventions.

Engineers Australia is the largest community of Engineers in Australia comprising around 100,000 members. The Engineering industry is expected to underpin new job opportunities on account of globalization and digitization.

Many giant companies like Downer, Lendlease, Origin Energy, BHP, Rio Tinto, Leighton Holdings, 30 Amcor, and much more. The engineers have complete exposure to flourish, let their creativity work wonders and participate in building useful things.

Therefore, you can always choose to build your career in the field of your interest. Each industry offers many opportunities to work at various levels and grow from a certain threshold.

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