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Assessment centers are becoming increasingly common, with many studies suggesting that this kind of job interview yields better candidates than the traditional one-on-one format.

But what exactly are they?

Assessment centers interview numerous candidates at the same time, usually over a day of team building, performance assessment, and skill analysis. The activities and tasks lined up are intended to test a well-rounded repertoire of abilities, from interpersonal skills to problem-solving and leadership.

Roleplay is a big part of most assessment center interviews, wherein candidates are given practical scenarios to monitor the way they handle them. These can present opportunities to show confidence and assertiveness, as well as the ability to listen and follow instructions.

Personality and so-called soft skills are vital qualities of a new hire which many businesses are increasingly mindful of. Being able to gel within a new team and deal with conflict in a rational and approachable manner is important in many roles, and this can be explored more fully in an assessment interview.

It’s useful to see an assessment center interview as an opportunity, rather than a challenge. Unlike a traditional interview, it offers a chance for you to better put across your personality and a broader range of skills over an entire day, instead of what you can remember in a few hours.

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