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A path-breaking study by a team of researchers resulted in the announcement that AI can predict the personality traits of an individual merely by tracking the movement of the eyes. This announcement may appear incredible to some, but for those monitoring the developments of AI, it is more on expected lines.

One of the most critical dimensions in the Digital Transformation narrative, Artificial Intelligence will change processes in multiple domains, taking outcomes to a different level.

Personality Development — Critical to Success in Tech-Driven Processes

Personality Development is key to the new blend of techno-social skills mandatory for survival in a technology-driven world that is witnessing fast-paced app development for use in all domains.

With millennials and Gen Z slipping into the category of digital natives by default, there may be a perception that this generation may be natural fits in the digital milieu. However, the whole equation is a lot more complicated than being a digital native or technologically suave.

Personality traits and social skills are more like chalk and cheese; the latter is more of a response to situations or actions. Personality traits are inborn characteristics that need honing.

AI and Personality Development — Strange Bedfellows?

By being opposites, it would be easy to imagine that AI and personality development would never get to be on the same side. Far from it, AI has maneuvered itself to help change personality development in ways more than one. This has got more to do with the spectacular success achieved in technology.

Machine Learning, Deep Learning, and subsets of technologies have made it possible for machines to understand various nuances of human behavior intelligently. Many mechanisms developed now have the capability to understand human personality traits.

Some algorithms make Chatbots emotionally aware, and research is ongoing in app development to build chat options that are emotionally aware.

The Important Personality Traits

Five traits of personality include Extroversion, Agreeableness, Conscientiousness, Neuroticism, and Openness to experience.

Machines are now programmed to read and understand these traits. And this unlocks the key to personality development.

The ability to recognize these traits gives the devices the power to be able to discern and grade behavior in humans. This will then help other resources to work out necessary changes in response to improve the overall personality of the individual.

Organizations Value Personality Development

Businesses without exception cherry-pick employees by many parameters. And one of the essential characteristics that a structured and systematic recruitment process will look for is the right personality.

Organizations also spend considerable time and money to help employees develop their character through testers and programmers. This investment is undoubtedly essential and priceless both for the organizations as well as the individuals.

This underscores the importance of personality development in the context of employment and business.

Workplaces of the Future

The workplaces of the future will increasingly see AI in various roles. In addition to its expected impact on manufacturing and associated processes, AI will transform HR, Learning and Talent Management.

These domains/departments are regarded more as traditional bastions where human potential, skill, and knowledge holds the key.

However, the advances in AI have opened up these departments for improvements through AI. Personality development is another area that will continue to benefit from AI.

Assisting in Development as per Specific Traits

Specialist products and services of the future will feature more customization. Single solutions that meet all requirements will soon become a relic of the past.

The future will see tailor-made solutions that are quickly tweaked and rolled out as per specific requirements. Solutions for the development will leverage the power of AI to gain insights from data to be able to design a solution that meets the particular requirements. 

This ensures that capsules and subsequent results offer better outcomes and more precise data.

Adaptive Learning Processes

Adaptive learning processes implemented for specialized training and improvement have become commonplace. This will deliver greater contextually rich content for development by identifying traits and weaknesses.

Procedures that were and still in use are typically designed to address a broad category of individuals who fall into a particular slot by testing for different personality traits. This does not take into consideration the nuances that are very much necessary for delivering the best results.

Analytics That Converge with Solution Delivery

The power of analytics harnessed in AI solutions is the crucial dimension that makes it the differentiator.

While human intelligence, analysis, and testing have always been used to understand the traits of individuals under assessment, it is difficult to compare this with the scope of AI-driven analytics that takes into consideration a virtually endless list of inputs.

These graded inputs and nuances, under processing through powerful systems, offer more significant combinations and possibly better results than traditional methods. This is what makes the solution most suitable and faster.

The Advantage of Time in Processing

Even though individuals under evaluation will offer results that are known to be factually correct, there is the possibility of an underlying subconscious effort to manipulate the answers. This becomes a possibility when individuals receive the benefit of time between queries.

AI-driven processes can conduct the evaluation quickly, thereby depriving the individual of the opportunity for manipulation by a subconscious impulse. This advantage gives better results as the answers will easily help in a more precise evaluation.


Artificial Intelligence has been on an accretion spree, gathering technological superiority and enhancing the capability of solutions.

Personality development is critical, and employees need to be in a position to handle the need to co-exist with machines. AI and IoT is the bridge that will connect mobile devices with other appliances, integrating everything into one single seamless and connected network.

Humans will occupy positions involved in a different level of cognitive activity. To emerge successfully, every individual needs to leverage the benefits of personality development.

Identification of problems and strong points are necessary for working on the same to ensure overall improvement. And AI has all that it takes to help evaluate individuals better and offer the most appropriate solutions.


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Tuhin Bhatt is a co-founder of Intelivita, a leading web and mobile app development company with offices in the UK and India. He has expertise in Mobile Game, iOS, Android, AR and VR App Technologies. With flawless command over app development, Tuhin also has a passion to share his expertise with clients and other enthusiasts. Connect with him on Linkedin.

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