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It is a serious business to crack the interviews. But having some extensive years of job experience and an updated resume can do the needful to you. Not only an updated resume is important but also the ideal skills and the perfect hint of professionalism is required to grab that perfect job opportunity.

While you may be shot with a variety of questions in the job interview (unfortunately I can not do anything about it); I can offer you a helping hand by prescribing some of the best tools (apps) that will help you prepare for the interview.

Going for an interview is not only about showing your knowledge and skill on a specific subject but it has got a lot to do with what you wear, how you represent yourself, and of course the attitude you carry in front of the interviewer.

The app ecosystem offers several applications that make it easy to ace an interview. The list of such applications is an extensive one but here is the compilation of the best ones that will help you ace your next job interview.

1. Trunk Club (iOS/Android)

A sharp outfit can make your impression in the interview only if you have always been tagged as a fashionista in your circle. For those, who are not very much informed about the latest trends in the clothing, Trunk Club is all there.

The app features personal shopping services to men and women alike to offer them premium clothing. Trunk Club can easily turn your wardrobe around with the best-suited clothes for your personality.

Every user is assisted by a personal assistant to meet the styling goals. The users’ recommendations along with the advice from the stylish help to offer the best clothing to the users.

Your stylist will ship all the chosen clothes to your doorstep so that you can try them all and choose the clothes that suit perfectly by paying for the same.

2. Headspace

Job interviews come with additional stress. And, to manage the same I have got an exceptional application for you. Headspace comes to you free of cost and offers a bouquet of advantages when it comes to managing the stress and anxiety you can have before an interview.

With this smartphone application, you get to know the ways of practicing meditation. In case you are a newbie, 10 minutes of practicing daily is enough.

The monthly and annual subscription offers a plethora of benefits that are not available in the free version of the app. Headspace has everything important to manage your stress levels.  

3. Google Maps

Who doesn’t want to reach the interview venue well before the time but the traffic may stand in your way. To beat the heat of the traffic, Google maps is there to help you out.

Before choosing a path, you can check the traffic well in advance to ensure your timely arrival. The app will not only show you the congested routes but also will suggest the best way to reach your destination. This will save you time that you can utilize for the interview preparation. The app also shows quickest directions in case you stuck in heavy traffic.

The step-by-step directions are easy enough to follow and help to reach the venue. Additionally, there is an option to order Uber or Lyft from within the app and it will also show you the parking direction.   

4. How to Tie a Tie

Not confident enough to wear a necktie? “How to Tie a Tie” is there to help you out. Wearing a tie seems a tricky task to several folks and thus an app is all there for users to know the hacks.

The app takes you through the process of tying a tie to make you a pro in the job. There are more than 20 common knots that users can choose from to learn the one they like the most.

There are animated step by step directions that help users practice the skill. The steps can be refreshed in case users anyhow miss something. The app is truly exceptional for those who are not acquainted with the ways of making a knot.  

5. Pramp

Pramp is the application that fetches technical interview sessions for you. The interviews are available for free and thus anyone having a similar requirement can choose to browse through the same. There are customized video sessions for the users that they can go through to practice the interview sessions.

The app will offer a series of questions and answers to the users that they and a peer will go through together. After a 30 minute exercise, the users will be provided with constructive feedback. Developers all around the world use Pramp to ace their coding skills. And, thus you can gain exceptional benefits.

The real coding practice benefits the users in several ways. Right from coding to the communication and the problem-solving skills, users get a lot by practicing live interviews.   

This is all in the list of superb applications that help you ace the interview experience. The above-listed applications are the best in their respective categories and play their effective role in helping users prepare for the interview.

Right from the ones that help you dress for the occasion to the one that offers knowledge of coding, I have compiled an effective list that is sure to make your interview experience much more delightful. With the help of these amazing applications, it gets easier for every newbie to face and nail the interview sessions.

As they say, practice makes a man perfect, practicing these applications regularly will help users to become much more confident while going through interview sessions.

Thus, to get an extra edge to perform exceptionally well in the interview, users must give all these apps a shot when trying to prepare for the next job interview.

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