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Hiring and recruitment can be quite messy, time-consuming, complex, costly and even troublesome at times due to a variety of factors that are involved in it.  

With the introduction and increased adoption of disruptive technologies, the recruitment sector has witnessed some sea changes. With technology making its entry in the niche of recruitment as well, software such as Applicant Tracking System has been started to be implemented by employers all over the world.

Applicant Tracking System or ATS has been designed to serve and facilitate recruitment processes by automating and simplifying the same in a number of ways.

It is ideally suited to act as a solution for a number of challenges and goals related to or concerning recruiting.

ATS indeed speeds up the whole recruitment process alongside providing with a host of other benefits.

Although opinion regarding the use of ATS is still not unanimous as yet for some employers still hold the view that ATS is based on many occasions, still; there is no denying the fact that for some (companies, employers and recruiters), it has already become rather indispensable.

Working with the combination of machine learning and Artificial Intelligence (AI), ATS can very well fulfill its functions smoothly and with great efficacy.

The following are some of the reasons (12 of them) why Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS) should be implemented in your recruitment process:

1. Burden or the Pressure on HR Professionals Gets Minimized to a Massive Extent

An ATS performs all the preliminary work required to be done by an HR. It helps simplify the process by managing all the essential aspects related to recruitment at one place like top candidates, positions that are vacant, costs and the likes.

In this way, the HR department can get a lot of relief as its tasks get eases out considerably. ATS truly helps a lot by streamlining the application procedure. Applicant tracking can be done phenomenally well by ATS.

2. Reduce the Hiring Cost

Hiring as is known to all can be quite an expensive affair with all the processes involved and on many occasions, it’s quite tedious too.

can do this perfectly for you and some can even take care of on-boarding as well going a step further.

3. Enhances the Hiring Quality

Not only that ATS aids by hiring the best staff for you, but it also reduces the hiring time to a considerable extent and thereby helps in improving the quality of hire.

According to a very reliable research report, hiring qualities have gone on to increase by 78% for those who have used ATS for their hiring process.

4. Helps in Understanding What Works and What Doesn’t

ATS enables you to monitor closely how your postings are faring in these sources and thereby provide you with the much-needed input of what is working for you and whatnot. In this way, you can rule out the sources that are not giving you sufficiently good results.

Similarly, at the same time, you can channelize your resources more on those (sources) which have been providing good outcomes for you. So it is like killing two birds with a single stone. Thus your cost of investing in the sources not quite working productively for you get eliminated out.  

5. Improving Candidate Experience

These days where options and opportunities are available in manifolds for job seekers, it is of utmost importance to offer and maintain a very good candidate experience.

Furthermore, it is to some extent a question of goodwill for the concerned company or recruiting firm as well.

An ATS is a fantastic way to improve candidate experience as with ATS it is all automated communications and which lets a candidate know that he/she is out of contention if and when he/she has not made it to the next and/or final round.

In this way, they don’t need to wait a long time for the eventual “no” that very often never comes and is at times pretty hard to convey as well.

At the end of the day, it is highly desirable that the candidate experience is a very good one and ATS just does that to perfection. After all, there is no doubt over the fact that the better experience is offered by an employer to the candidates; the better would be the talent acquisition.

As it has been verified via various studies and researches that candidates with a good candidate experience are more likely to accept the job if offered, again reapply in the future and also refer other candidates to the company.

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6. Saves a Lot of Time

ATS can indeed very easily parse through from a long list of resumes (applications) in a very short span of time. Being technology-empowered it only scans through those documents that are relevant to the job posting.

With all the lengthy and to an extent complex process involved, hiring or recruiting is definitely a hefty task consuming a lot of time.

With ATS, the priceless entity of time is easily saved and businesses can concentrate on increasing its growth and leveraging more profit. ATS can also facilitate social recruitment and according to a credible source, ATS reduces the time of hiring by as much as 20%.

ATS automates social sharing. Not only that, but it also manages email templates and delegate tasks. More than 85% of recruiting professionals have confirmed that ATS has helped them immensely in accelerating the hiring process big time.

7. Building Supreme Quality Talent Pools

With ATS talent pools can be built with ease as the recruitment of talents becomes such an easy task with it. Moreover, with all the metrics used by ATS, it is verified that the talent thus recruited is a quality one.

Having a supreme quality talent pool means finding worthy candidates for future job openings and positions.

8. Facilitating Decision Making

ATS also helps by advancing decision making by simplifying the overall process and by improving efficiency that will eventually have positive impacts.

9. Strong relationships get developed with the candidates

Great relations can be developed with the candidates courtesy of the Applicant Tracking System.

10. Upgrading HR Team Collaboration and Communication

With Applicant Tracking System, the communication and collaboration of the HR team attain an eloquent height.

11. Multiple Posting in a Number of Job Boards With Only a Click

With ATS a job posting can be sent to a variety of job boards and different social media networks with just a single click. By this, not only is a lot of invaluable time gets saved but the purpose is also ideally served.

12. Recruiting Analytics & Reporting

All the minute and meticulous details relating to recruiting are provided by ATS along with full analysis. This enables the recruiter to have a thorough and comprehensive look with attention to detail before coming to any conclusive decision relating to recruitment.

Furthermore, with ATS, interview scheduling can be done really easily along with interview kits. Ready-to-use and tailor-made templates are available too.

However, having said all that have been mentioned above, it is also mention-worthy in this context that all the Applicant Tracking System is not equipped to perform all the aforementioned tasks and that an employer or a recruiter needs to be prudent enough in finding the one that best suits his/her needs and caters to the requirement.  


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Apoorv Bhatnagar is a Digital marketer at Freshworks Inc. He generally writes about software that improve your marketing, sales or hiring process.

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