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Hiring professionals use a lot of data on a day-to-day basis. If you don’t have a system for managing information, your hiring efforts could be in trouble. To make the recruitment process easier, consider using an applicant tracking system (ATS).

An ATS is a software solution that helps you source and screen candidates. From posting an open position to offering a candidate the job, you can handle all your data from one interface.

Applicant tracking system features include resume parsing, job board integration, and email management. You can also use ATS to schedule meetings, complete paperwork, and check references.

ATS applications can save your business time and money. The benefits these easy-to-use solutions offer can make a big difference in how efficiently your recruitment processes run.

Applicant Tracking System Benefits

If you’re considering using an applicant tracking system, find out how an ATS solution works to improve your recruiting efforts. Take a look at the benefits of an applicant tracking system that you should be cashing in on.

1. Streamlines Hiring Information

With an ATS, you don’t have to search through dozens of paper or digital files to find what you need. Instead, you store all your recruiting information in a single, streamlined database.

Applicant tracking systems offer integration with other online forms, such as job boards. Job board integration connects your ATS solution to job postings on other websites. Candidates apply on the job board sites, and their information is parsed into the software.

You can also scan hard-copy resumes onto your computer or upload resumes from an email into your ATS. You won’t need to worry about losing out on talent because you lost a resume. No matter how you receive a candidate’s resume, their information is stored in the ATS.

Tracking Time

2. Reduces Administrative Costs

Organizing hiring information can be time-consuming. An ATS reduces the number of hours necessary for administrative tasks. Your hiring department could end up spending less on overhead by using an applicant tracking solution.

An ATS allows you to automate tasks like reaching out to candidates and entering data. Automation can help your hiring department function with a smaller staff. This reduces employer costs while keeping up with hiring needs.

Streamlining tasks with an ATS could also create a better work environment for your hiring team. Reducing the time it takes to get tasks done might allow for more flexible schedules and time off. These perks can foster a more productive workforce.

3. Better Quality of Hire

Hiring the wrong candidate can cost your organization a lot of money. But, knowing who is the best fit for the job isn’t always simple. An applicant tracking system can help you consistently hire quality candidates the first time.

ATS solutions help you recognize candidates who best match your hiring needs. You can pre-select keywords in the software for each open position. The ATS searches incoming applications for the keywords you chose. This offers an objective look at what each candidate has to offer.

An applicant tracking system helps you narrow down your candidate pool faster. You can look at candidate resumes side by side and determine the better match. Your hiring team can focus on providing a good candidate experience and recruiting more qualified applicants.

4. Enhances Communications

An ATS makes it easier to communicate with candidates at every recruitment stage. With an applicant tracking solution, you can create personalized emails and automate them for different contact lists. You can also respond to candidates quickly.

Recent recruiting trends data indicates that one of the biggest reasons candidates turn down job offers is because the hiring team takes too long to make an offer. Since ATS software improves organization, it’s easier to engage with top talent. Eliminating long wait times between communication helps you stay on a candidate’s radar.

You can use an ATS system to organize your communications into different silos. You will have up-to-date information on who you contacted and when you contacted them.

5. Easily Accessible

Applicant tracking solutions live in the cloud. That means you can access your information from anywhere with an internet connection. You’re not tied down to one device when it comes to managing your data.

Storing information online is a good protective measure because you won’t lose data if your computer crashes. You can still access your contacts, resumes, and other information from another device.

Because they are easily accessible, applicant tracking systems also enhance your team’s ability to collaborate. Many ATS systems have multiple logins. Your team can use the software at the same time from different locations. Hiring team members can share information about job postings and candidates from different devices.

6. Offers Valuable Recruiting Insights

An ATS provides data about the success of your hiring efforts. You can use the information to test strategies, make adjustments, and improve processes.

For example, an applicant tracking solution shows which candidate channel sources the most talent. You might find that you recruit more candidates from a job board than social media. You can focus on recruiting from the most popular sources after reviewing data in your ATS.

Or, you might send an email with two different subject lines to see which gets a higher open rate. You can continue to adjust your email strategy and see how it affects engagement with your applicant tracking system.

Using analytics from your ATS will help you consistently make smart hiring decisions. The small details that you improve can have a big impact on your recruiting success.

7. Reduces Compliance Issues

ATS solutions help you stay objective when recruiting candidates. Automation makes the hiring process more compliant and protects you from lawsuits.

Applicant tracking systems include a resume parsing feature. Resume parsing pulls information from resumes and organizes it into a uniform format. Parsing makes it easier to give all your candidates the same hiring process and an equal chance at advancing.

An ATS provides a paper trail that details the choices you made during recruitment. You can quickly provide information that proves whether you acted objectively.

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