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Michelangelo at the age of 87 said, “I am still learning”. This shows that if you want to be creative in your life, you should never hesitate from learning something new. In this era, there’s no excuse to present for not being able to learn any new skills. Decades ago, we were limited to the premises of a library or a school but today the scenario is totally different.

We have now zero per cent restrictions in learning anything new, we can even learn a lot just with the help of the device we always carry in our pockets throughout the day i.e. the smartphone.

Whether you are willing to get expert advice, wanted to learn a foreign language or even wanted to know the ways to start your own business We have compiled a list of 35 ultimate websites that will remove all the bars between you and learning. And, the best part is that you can learn from these websites anywhere, anytime as per your convenience.

Websites That Will Broaden Your General Knowledge!

1. edX– You can watch online lectures from the world’s top different Universities

2. Coursera– Here you can find online courses that are curated by top educational institutions

3. CreativeLIVE– Catch out the online classes from premium instructors on the web

4. Skillshare– Find amazing and small courses focusing on real-life skills

5. Udemy– An open platform where everybody can learn everything taught by everyone

6. Lynda– Get influenced and learn from different industry experts online

7. Khan Academy– Amazing online portal developed by Sal Khan where you can get detailed tutorials and hand-curated instructors on mathematics, science, business, and much more.

Website That Will Makes You Think Bigger!

1. TED– Here you can watch presentations of most innovative thinkers and leaders of the world

2. Big Think– Learn about big ideas that are being discussed online

3. The Big Know– Free online courses from the world’s top brands

Websites That Could Help You to Learn Foreign Languages! 

1. Rype -You can attain private lessons with handpicked teachers for a flat monthly subscription

2. Duolingo– Make you able to learn basic vocabulary and grammar skills easily

3. Memrise– Builds vocabulary and enhances your language skills using interactive methods

4. Learn a Language Challenge– Learn 1,000 words in any language in just 100 days

5. Lang-8– Meet, interact, and connect in a multi-lingual network

Websites That Will Make You Programmer!

1. Codeacademy– Make you able to code by building your own projects

2. Treehouse– Hub of top courses to help you learn how to code

3. Dash– Learn from online tutorials on building awesome websites

19. OneMonth– You can learn the basics of programming in just one month

4. liveedu.tv– Experience live streaming with professional coders

5. Platzi– Enhance your skills through the interactive transmission of courses

Websites to Get The Expert’s Advice!

1.  Quora– The world’s most trusted Q & A forum

2.  clarity.fm– Gain 1-on-1 access to professionals in business and other fields

3.  coach.me– A tool that will track your habits in a community

4.  Whale– Ask unexpected questions, and watch unexpected answers

5.  Wonder– Read discussions with a futuristic and bold approach

Websites to Follow for Starting And Growing Your Own Business!

1. How to Start a Startup– Free online course and a guide on building a startup

2. Startup Patterns– Startup lessons broken into chunks

3. Digital Garage– Digital tutorials designed by Google

4. Growth Hackers– Community and a forum connecting the world’s best marketers

5. inbound.prg– Discussion forum for online marketers

6. /r/startups– Reddit forum where entrepreneurs share unique startup ideas and journeys

Websites That Will Level Up Your Brain!

1. Spreeder– Make you able to read faster

2. Lumosity– Develop your mental agility in a gamed environment

3. Calm– Guided meditation on-demand

4. The Happiness Project– Get daily lessons on how to become happier


So, what is your excuse for not learning?

Go ahead, dive into any of the websites which are the best fit with your interest and try to make yourself skilful so that you could contribute not just to the society but can develop yourself financially even. Education and skills never go worthless and it will remain worthy till the end of your life.

Are there any websites we have missed? Just comment below and let us know why we should add that website to our list of amazing websites that will teach you great new skills.

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