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Recruiters are always looking for top potential to fill their job positions and the best way to go about it is to make sure you’re using your hiring resources to their limit.

What we mean is – are you utilizing social media tools to ensure you aren’t missing out on the large pool of human talent available?

Most of the world is familiar with social media sites such as LinkedIn, Pinterest, Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter. Hence, the number of people that are actively looking for jobs in these places is astronomically high.

Today, we are going to show you 5 convenient ways to hire the best talent in the business.

The Importance of Social media to Make Quality Hires

Before we begin hiring, we need to understand why recruiters opt for social media as their preferred talent hunting space. Here’s why —

New Generation of Talent

Social media offers unprecedented access to a major part of recruitment due to the number of youngsters that have access to it.

Young people are attracted to the various entertainment and lifestyle choices that social media offers, this demonstrates why they spend a better part of their lives on these networks.

As recruiters, you need to bridge a connection with the young generation for the following key reasons —

  • Youngsters tend to work harder than their middle-aged counterparts as they lack experience and are willing to put in the effort to prove their worth
  • Newly graduated youngsters are some of the best talents to recruit as they utilize the latest work trends and have the eagerness to learn
  • The younger generation has access to technology in the form of smartphones and laptops and hence, getting in touch with them as well as training them won’t be a hassle
  • Youngsters are prone to reading all sorts of internet knowledge and understand newer concepts better than middle-aged workers

Convenient Access to Candidates Through Live Recruitment

Reaching out for job seekers on social media is convenient, consider this example — you’re looking for a graphic designer to hire for your company, by utilizing LinkedIn’s search function and typing in the term “Graphic Designer”, you get a list of top talented individuals that relate to that specific keyword.

You can now proceed to examine their portfolio as well as get instant access to their professional information on their LinkedIn page. If you’re satisfied with an applicant’s skill-set, simply send a direct message to them about your job offer and instantly communicate your doubts.

Better Background Checks

Background checks completed before the applicant is scheduled for an interview is one of the best perks of social media recruiting. You can identify any outstanding behavior issues the individual may have by browsing through their social media history or searching their name on Google. This allows you to recruit only the best talent and avoid those with a criminal record.

There’s also the factor of transparency in websites such as LinkedIn which allows you to understand the candidate before having a chance to recruit them.

You can immediately complete scanning over 100+ LinkedIn profiles in the time you could read 5 individual resumes, thus improving efficiency for recruiters.

Flexibility is another aspect gained when hiring your job candidates through social media and you get to counter-check their honesty during a face-to-face interview to ensure their answers match their background check.

5 Quickfire Ways for Recruiting Talent Through Social media

1. Using the Big 3 to Find Superior Employees

A 2015 survey conducted by Jobvite demonstrates that 92% of recruiters utilize social media to leverage talent. Out of the 92% — 87% of them utilize LinkedIn, 55% of them use the services of Facebook, and 47% of them use Twitter to bolster their hiring resources.

With newer technologies and companies arising every day, the hunt for the best talent as just hit a new high and recruiters are spending many hours solely on social media to fill the ranks that have opened in their respective companies.

LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter make up the core 3 social media companies that recruiters find success in. For highly favorable results, it’s necessary to constantly update the information about the job role to ensure you receive daily applications from interested sources.

company values improves employee commitment and loyalty


  • Use Twitter hashtags related to your company to spread the word
  • Created a LinkedIn and Facebook page for brand awareness

An informative video on the reasons your company should be using social media to communicate with potential applicants can be found below.

2. Create a Social Media Profile Page for Your Company

Nothing demonstrates your professional network and mission like a social media profile page. It’s mandatory in the modern age to have an accessible page of information that curious candidates can visit and learn more about your company.

If they’re interested, provide a quick way to contact your team via chatbots or a contact form.

Marketing Plan for Creating Social Media Pages

Step 1 — Make a list of all the social media networks that you intend to recruit in.

Step 2 — Have a cover photo and profile photo saved to ensure no time is wasted while creating your social media page.

Step 3 — Ensure you fill complete information about your company in the space provided. You want your employees to know exactly what your company is about.

Step 4 — Begin promoting your brand utilizing promotional content and blogs. Learn more about this in the 4th and 5th sections listed below.

3. Motivate Existing Employees to Spread the Word

Offer a referral program to your employees when every time they post about the company on their social media accounts and a potential recruit is alerted — they get a small commission on behalf of the company.

Research in employee referral programs has consistently shown them as a top source of hires. Hence, asking your work team to write an interesting post on the work culture of your company and the freedom it offers can attract new employees to your company.

The quality-of-hire from employee referral programs are significantly higher compared to other sources as the applicants are sourced through known individuals.

Tips to Incentivize Employees

  • Offer a free-paid vacation to whoever manages to bring in the most employees into the company in a specified period
  • Small upfront commission in the form of cash or gift vouchers for every employee referred that joins the company

4. Consistently Promote Your Company Through Informative Blogs

While setting up your company page on a social media site won’t get you applicants rushing in through the door, it’s important to create awareness that your brand exists. An exceptional way to do this is by creating blogs.

Take, for example, your company is about medical research and you specialize in developing software. Write blogs that are related to medical software to attract the right audience to your social media page.

Once your audience begins to take interest in the type of material that you provide, they are bound to look for career options within your company. This opens a doorway to draw in talent that never existed before.

Tips to Promote Blogs

  • Ask friends and family to post your blogs on their social media page for others to access
  • Facebook and LinkedIn offer premium features to advertise articles and blogs throughout their network

Ameer Rosic provides us with 7 ways to promote blogs on social media to improve visibility in this amazing video.

5. Create Promotional Videos and High-quality Images for Increased Brand Awareness

A picture can speak a thousand words while a video can display a thousand pictures. Utilize videos demonstrating the integrity of your company and the mission behind it on social media.

You need to hire a professional public spokesperson to bring out the best details of your companies to woo top talented individuals.

The one thing that you see all around social media are pictures and videos that people link to one another. It’s the fastest medium through which you can attract interested candidates to your company. According to a research by Nielsen Studies, Facebook videos impact the individual even before viewing them.

Digital content tends to be consumed easier by the viewer compared to a text ad, this is because videos and images tend to entertain our mind and help us focus better.

Build Your Personal Brand-Fortune 500 Companies-Branding-Personal brand

Tips for Adding Videos and Images

  • Create a professional video of your company listing the work-culture and demonstrating the various equipment and workspaces in your office.
  • Add daily images of your work team describing their efforts or add an image of a milestone that you’ve accomplished in the company

By adding high-value images and videos, you tend to attract like-minded individuals that would like to take part in your brand’s success.

Final Thoughts: The Future of Recruiting Through Social Media

Hootsuite’s CEO Ryan Holmes strongly believes that by incorporating social media, recruiters can cut costs and increase the rate of employee retention. He goes on to state that by consistently following a successful social media campaign, a company can build its brand awareness exponentially compared to any other source of recruitment.

As we push forward into the future, resumes are being replaced by scanning social media pages and learning about the candidate before they have a chance of describing themselves. This type of recruiting power wouldn’t be possible without the existence of social media.

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