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As per a study, event management companies are expected to grow by 25%. Internationally, charity and non-profit organizations are the highest recruiting organizations with an expansion rate of 31%.

The events industry includes professionals from across sectors such as Information Technology, Design & Creatives, Media, Advertising and Public Relations, as well as Management.

Right from preparing the skeleton layout to planning the location and design of the venue, it also revolves around being able to mobilize the audience, performers, artists, and speakers.

Pre-production, execution, and post-production of an event is a universe in itself and must be studied carefully before investing time and effort into this industry.

Event companies take responsibility for the conceptualizing, scouting & procuring of the location, decorating, adding audio-visual appeal, arranging transport and accommodation for the guests and sending of the invites.

The inter-disciplinarity that is permeating the events industry is helping many IT, design, and management professionals draw professional opportunities in the events industry.

You can find your career bucket out of the following mentioned fields: 

1. Information Technology

If you are proficient in coding languages such as Python, R, and C++, your skills can get you a job in designing intra-work software solutions that aid in communication within the event company.

You can also be employed to build and design security software products for the company that helps in restoring the privacy of guests, including specific confidential data:

  • Lead, software developer– The aspirant is expected to generate and manage the event management website and other digital collaterals. A person with average-level coding skills and work experience can also apply. The industry standards salary ranges between 60000-75000 USD
  • User-Interface Developer– Opening for people who can make the design and interface of the websites and mobile applications more user-friendly. The event company either uses this skill for itself or its client. An aspirant UX designer with average work experience can earn up to 65000 USD a year.

2. Media

Events Industry stands on the background of media. Most of the time events that are held on a large scale outsource media firms to handle their communications demand. However, the media merchandise, as well as the various other communication, demands that an event management company take up the job from in-house resources.

Event management companies require a team of media practitioners skilled in the fields of advertising, public relations, social media management, audio-visual production, publicity, and photography.

One of the primary reasons behind a successful event is a media department that works day and night to create a buzz about the event, gather guests, mobilize audience through various publicity and lobbying tactics, and at the same time cover the event over multiple media platforms such as social media, television, radio, and newspapers.

  • Social media executive and content manager — The right candidate would have a thorough knowledge of the social media trends as per content and design. Having an additional understanding of social media analytics will also help. An aspirant can expect 40000- 55000 USD a year. An expert can also earn as high as 65000 USD / year.
  • Public Relations Officer — Recruiters look for excellent communication skills, pro-level research skills, report-making skills, and essential industry know-how. The average aspirant can expect a yearly salary ranging between 60000 USD.

Job application-https://careermetis.com/how-to-make-your-social-media-profiles-work-appropriate/

3. Management

The management department of the events industry has a hierarchy governed by the skills and experience you possess.

An event management team lead handles the procurement and deployment of the resources that are invested in conducting an event. He/she makes decisions about the proper functioning and efficiency of the human resources in the company. An event manager further makes sure aspects such as the guest list, confirmation of guests, proof of accommodation promised to them, and the number of attendees. The professional must further be hands-down skilled in ensuring proper coordination between all departments like publicity, tech, design, hospitality, and security.

  • Event Manager —  From a few of the best event management colleges in LA, Boston, and New York, a fresher can earn as low as 35000 USD a year and can proceed to earn even up to 45000 USD with his dedication and skill.
  • Senior Manager, Client Servicing — Job description includes managing and retaining client accounts, should be comfortable traveling and must have a thorough knowledge of corporate communication software. A person with three years or more experience can expect a salary of 70000-90000 USD per month.

4. Creativity Can Take You Places- Design and Conceptualization

Do you hold a degree in arts and design?

The event industry might be the right fit for you. Designers, planners, ideators, and artists have a high share of recruitment opportunity in the event industry to increase the visual appeal of the event and to give the event overtones of the desired appeal and feel.

For instance, if it is a food event, the design will be more colourful and will appeal primarily to the sense of taste. However, if it is a political science conference, the designers are expected to design the conference room (or set the stage) in such a way that it looks appropriately appealing and tasteful of the theme.

  • Graphic designer: The creativity and zeal to give your 100% can make an aspirant earn as much as 35000 USD per year. The salary range though falls in the range of 40,000-50,000 USD for freshers to people with >5 years of work experience.

Technical Know-how to Keep You Relevant and Desired in the Industry

There are various software solutions and apps one should know that would help an aspiring professional in the event industry and for those who want to remain relevant in the field. Understanding the technical aspect of every job in the events industry will prove to make you more efficient and productive.

Tools and software like TalkIQ, Deepgram, and Granicus can help you master your job in the event planning industry. The event industry includes events that range from entertainment (live music shows, art exhibitions, photography exhibitions, photography meets) as well as events like book releases, panel discussions, marches for social causes, silent protests, etc.

Every event is like a giant machine in itself with all parts working in ultimate synergy and synchronization to yield a successful and profitable experience. Events industry seeks professionals equipped with handling the stress of pushy deadlines and rapidly changing technological requirements along with finding creative and imaginative solutions.

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