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It can be easily concluded that we live in a world full of mobile apps where people have started using an app for performing most of their tasks. According to a report by Smart Insights, users spend 90% of the total time on their smartphones browsing different apps.

This trend has made it even more important for entrepreneurs to hire one of the best app building companies that can create an app to give their business an edge over the competition.

The process of hiring and managing an in-house development team is a challenging task for most businesses. Also, they can’t let go of the opportunity of bringing their app vision to life. What should be done in this case? Ideally, you should do your research and hire the best app developer.

But there is trouble. It’s not that easy to find the best app developer from the market which is full of several alternatives. Want to simplify the task? Let’s explore the 9 qualities which you should look for to hire a development partner who is reliable and tech-savvy at the same time.

1. Make Sure to Look for a User-centric Attitude

Before finalizing to hire an app developer, it’s important to make sure that they put users at their hearts. Ultimately, your sole purpose to create an app is to satisfy the end-user so the developer must capable of building user-friendly and functional mobile apps.

Your app developer should be able to let you understand the market first and identify the specific requirements of your target users. Also, they should know the tact of incorporating your feedback to improvise the end product.

2. Examine the Portfolio, Expertise, & UI/UX Skills

Never forget to go through a few past projects accomplished by the app development partner you are going to choose. Evaluate the kind of app they’ve created in the past and review their customer testimonials. This will give you an idea of whether the team is proficient in building the type of app which you want.

In addition to the portfolio, make sure the company has a wealth of experience in their area of expertise. Their technical team must give you advice on choosing the best development framework and give relevant suggestions for their skills.

To ensure that your app can win millions of hearts it’s mandatory to integrate a seamless interface and experience. This is why you should look for developers with great UI/UX skills to craft interactive apps with slick usability and intuitive interface.

3. Pick the One Who Is Familiar with Cross-platform App Development

Your app development associate should be versatile so that to create intuitive apps capable to function seamlessly on multiple platforms. Also, they must be efficient in making mobile-responsive websites to enhance the horizons of your business shortly.

Not picking the one who has comprehensive experience in building cross-platform apps could be your biggest mistake while hiring developers as these apps give you a chance to cater to a diverse customer base. Also, there will be no need for you to hire an additional app agency in the coming years to create apps compliant with other platforms.

4. Proficiency In Practicing Agile Methodologies & Scrum Management Principles

As per a report from InfoQ, most of the organizations are embracing agile methodology for developing software solutions. This is because agile is an iterative development approach that gives priority to incorporating feedback and adapting accordingly to get a better end product. Also, Scrum management has been proved to be the best tool for controlling these agile projects.

The agile methodology heavily relies on productive cross-functional teams where the role of every member is clearly defined. Therefore, your development associate must have a team in which there is an expert for every individual department such as QA testing, security protocols, UI/UX designing, etc.

If you need to make sure that your app development project is in the right hands then choose a developer who has experience in following agile practices and Scrum management principles. This will allow you to work with a flexible partner and give respect to your feedback.

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5. Pay Attention to the Knowledge of Modern Programming Languages & Latest Tools

Check the engineer’s resume to see if they are proficient in front end development tools and modern programming languages such as Python, PHP, Java, HTML5, etc. If not, you can always point them to tutorials to learn Python. This knowledge will make them build much more awareness of the app development landscape. Also, they will be able to build a variety of apps with different features and functions.

6. Do Not Ignore Work Culture & Effective Approach

It’s important to ensure that your app development associate should have a healthy work culture and professional approach to understanding your specific business needs. Their development team should have curious and passionate professionals who love their job. Also, they must be confident enough to create reliable products.

They should have the skill of working in harmony as a united team and deliver amazing solutions. Each member of the team should be accountable for his share of work so that all of them can build apps with much more commitment.

7. Never Go for the Cheapest Services Without Doing Proper Homework

Entrepreneurs want to manage their financial capital logically and hence they sometimes choose the app development partner who is offering the lowest quotes. It’s not a good idea because you might have to regret in the future. Make sure to do your homework and don’t keep price alone as the key priority when making a final call.

8. Always Finalize the One with a Transparent Communication System

It’s favorable for you to find an app development company that promises to follow an effectual communication plan. This is essential for seamless communication and execution of your project. Also, it’s one of the most integral assets for smooth agile development.

They should be providing you with product feature demos, regular updates, and hence keep you always well-informed of the whereabouts of the project. You should figure out how the development company is planning to reveal their progress before making the decision. They should respect your suggestions and make sure to incorporate them to make the end product better.

9. Seek Complete App Development Lifecycle Coverage & Support

It will be of no use if you pick an app developer who isn’t going to provide you with complete lifecycle coverage. Ideally, look for companies who are willing to support right from the discovery phase to post-launch support and maintenance. This will help you in getting your product to the market quickly without compromising with its quality.

The best app developers will help you see the bigger picture and give priority to your specific requirements. So, take your own time and discover the right partner who can use technology to your benefit.

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