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From boring to fun, sane to crazy, and mundane to creative, there is everything for everyone here in the Global Job Market of 2019. The 21st century is witnessing a majority of job seekers or people between jobs on a constant journey to find duties that accentuate their skills, support their creativity, and enable them to earn from their chosen job career. This has led to a new trend in the skill pool with a rise in opportunities that are far away from the usual corporate job roles.

Gone are the days when sitting for 9 hours in a cubbyhole was the only way to earn money, pay bills, and eat pizza on a weekend. Nowadays, fresh graduates and even people out of a mid-life crisis are choosing to move away from hackneyed career paths to something more creative, and soul-satiating.  The popular financial protection insurer, Unum has predicted that these weird job roles will be amongst the most high-paying opportunities in the world.

But, why aren’t these opportunities finding the stage they deserve? There are two big challenges – lack of awareness and non-acceptance amongst people. For instance, if you tell someone that you are a Tea Taster, his nose can twitch in doubt. But, nothing is more fulfilling than doing something that fills your heart with joy, and if it pays you good, even better.

Are you ready to transit to something offbeat and fun? Do you have the courage to challenge the basics? If yes, here are some of the uncommon career options in 2019.

1. Psychic for Pets

Psychic for Pets

Do you love animals? Are you an empathetic person? If yes, then your love and affection can fetch you a job that will warm your heart and make you smile. Be a Pet Psychic. You will learn to make use of telepathy to gauge the tacit emotions of the animals, which will make you understand the change in their behavior, food habits, response systems, and general health.

Pet owners spend a lot of their money on medical practitioners who break through the initial phases of the problem but the underlying issue remains untouched. Similar to humans, animals too suffer from a lot of problems due to stress and despair. This gig shall let you explore the world of animals, and help them come out of their concerns with love and care.

Minimum Requirement:

  • Bachelor’s degree in Animal Behavior, Science, Nutrition, or similar fields.
  • Loving and caring nature

2. Feng Shui Consultant

Do you believe in energies and their effect on your surroundings? What makes a happy home or a comfortable office? Here comes the science of Feng Shui for you. Close kin of Taoism, Feng Shui is a Chinese metaphysical system that aims to bring about harmony between individuals and their respective environments. Be it an office, your home, or even architecture under construction.

The Chinese spiritual concept is classified as physiognomy, which involves describing architectural blocks as invisible forces that bind together the 3 entities – The universe, earth, and humanity.

As a Feng Shui Consultant, you will help clients harmonize their personal spaces with the aligned positive energies and select interiors that suit their demands with everything else intact. This also involves the analysis of the house or the workspace and deciding the exact position of each prop or a showpiece item.

Minimum Requirement:

  • Self-taught Consultant/training from a Tarot Reader/senior Consultant / Spiritual healer
  • Get a certification from known online courses or colleges  

3. Unusual Online Jobs  

Awaken the nerd in you and let the Internet be your kingdom. Nowadays, the internet can help you build an empire, obtain knowledge, and help organizations solve perplexing problems. This is not a typical freelance job wherein you write or enter data in a sheet and get paid for it. Although, the baseline concept is the same the purpose is bigger. There are less popular yet rewarding online opportunities like that of a Surveyor, where you can fill up survey forms and earn money.

Some organizations need people to brainstorm an idea for them via crowdsourcing, so if you can crack tough nuts, then go for it. Speaking of tough nuts, you can also connect with publishing houses and ask them to give you e-books for edits and reviews.

Minimum Requirement for this Career Option:

  • Internet-savvy or a Bachelor’s degree in Science/Computers
  • Internet, computer system at home or anywhere

4. Voice Over Artists

Voice Actor

Do you think you have a baritone for Alex in the next Madagascar series? If yes, then you are in the right place. Talk about Voiceover Artist, as a profession? Huh! You can use God’s gift by connecting with production houses or music companies for such opportunities.

Lend your voice for cartoon characters, for film/soap opera artists as a singer, or work as a dubbing artist for regional movies or dramas. If you have an idea of expressions, the concept of filmmaking, or have talents in music and art, then this could be a high-paying and satisfactory job in the world.

Minimum Requirement:

  • Quality of voice as per the assignment in hand.

5. Ethical Hacker

Software Developer

Do not raise your eyebrows because there is a “Hacker” in here. You are not supposed to catalyze money laundering or break someone’s password. Ethical Hackers or Penetration Testers are skilled professionals who help businesses and Government organizations in improving their networks, computer systems, and other applications.

The purpose is to create a robust protection system that averts the chances of data theft and fraud. Also known as ‘White Hat Hackers’, these professionals get handsome pay and are also deployed on some of the prestigious projects like that of the Armed forces, and the Intelligence Bureau. So, if the internet and cyber-security is your calling, then this is the deal for you.

Minimum Requirement for this Career Option:

  • Interest in Internet & Current Affairs.
  • Attain a certification from eccouncil.org.

6. Underwater Adventure Trainer

Scuba Diving

If the mysterious underwater world attracts you and there is a natural innate passion for adventure sports, then welcome to the arena.  Now you will be paid for snorkeling, diving, or even underwater photography. There are popular brands like National Geographic and TLC, who need adventure junkies, and natural explorers who can travel the world, dive deep into waters, and talk with planktons.

Moreover, you can join a training institute or a coaching school where you can impart skills into trainees and budding adrenaline enthusiasts. There is an ample amount of career options for you in this field and if you have the correct attitude and certifications in-hand, then success and high pay are assured.

Minimum Requirement:

7. Yoga Teacher & Ayurvedic Healer

Yoga Teacher - Career Options

Spread happiness and wellness everywhere. Become a certified Yoga teacher and (or) Ayurveda healer and help people heal from the miseries of this world. If you are a fitness freak, then you are almost there. To be the best in the industry, back up your passion with the right education and papers.

You can join a Yoga Teacher Training in any part of the world, depending upon your choice and finances, and build your reputation in the industry. You can inquire about Ayurveda training and become a full-fledged wellness counselor. Nowadays, corporate houses, schools, and colleges seek to employ trained Yoga instructors for special employees or student wellness programs.

Minimum Requirement:

  • 200 hours Yoga Teachers Training from the place of your choice; India or abroad.
  •  Interest in health and nutrition.

8. Tea Taster

Drinking Tea - Career Options

Some people are born tea aficionados and if you are one of them, then welcome to the territory. You can be a Tea Taster and your job will be to taste-test and thereby determine the quality of tea. These experts, with the help of their sharp taste buds, judge the quality based on different criteria, such as texture, fragrance, and color.

A Tea Tester can differentiate between varieties of teas that a normal person cannot gauge easily. Moreover, they also go for audits in farms and areas of tea plantations to test the crop quality, which is an important aspect of this whole venture. So, what are you waiting for? If you love tea, love its aroma, then go ahead and grab the gig.

Minimum Requirement:

9. Food Photography

Food Photography - Career Options

How many times do you find yourself drooling over food pictures in magazines or online? Bow down to the Food Photographers. Everything ranging from the lightings angles to that timely shot of the perfect cheese-pull happens to be some of the beautiful faces of the same profession. Next time, you salivate while going through the pictures of burgers in the menu, be thankful to these photographers and their efforts.

Well-known media firms, entertainment industries, and food brands search for photographers and since there are fewer resources in this genre, the pay is well for this career option. If you naturally click good pictures, understand the concepts behind lights, angles, and poses then this is the way of life for you.

Minimum Requirement:

  •    Degree in Photography or media from the concerned Universities   

It is time to wear a different sombrero and see the world from a different eye with these career options in 2019.

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Om Singh blogs at Retreat Kula, a website that offers yoga retreats and yoga teacher training for yogis around the world. He is always on the lookout for interesting places to visit. It took him 25 years of his life to realize where his true calling lies, but once that was done, there’s been no looking back. Since the last ten years that he is on the go, He is sharing his travel experiences by writing about them.

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