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Every business owner wants to get the maximum out of their investment. In this competitive world of growing startups and other business houses, employee satisfaction and productivity must go hand in hand to help the organization thrive regarding revenue and as a brand.

“No company, small or large, can win over the long run without energized employees who believe in the mission and understand how to achieve it “ – Jack Welch

We have listed below some of the top ways that will not only increase your staff’s productivity but will also help them work efficiently as a team:

1. Digital Workstation

With the growing digital interaction all across the globe, a digital workstation is a must. According to a study, employees tend to feel stressed and burdened, subconsciously, if surrounded by a stack of unnecessary items around their workstation. So, give your office a complete digital transformation and let your employees feel ahead in the race. 

Digitizing paper doesn’t only mean going paperless or reducing waste. It also makes documents easily searchable and handy.

2. Creativity

With the modern ping pong and nap snook themes taking over the traditional office designs, corporate designing and styling have taken a long leap of transformation in the recent past. It is time to give your office an innovative and unique look. Bring in some creativity and a lot of innovation on board to increase productivity. Also, set up an Employee of the month Section and make your employees work harder to see their picture right up on the wall.

Bid adieu to boredom at work!

Things to include in your office for enhanced creativity and innovation in the workplace:

  • An employee of the month Section
  • Quotes from Young Entrepreneurs
  • Tune in some slow music in the break area
  • Friday Treats before the weekend
  • Fun yet organized seating Plan

“All I Ask is that today, you do the best work of your life “ By Steve Jobs

3. Online Webinars

What are Webinars? How do they help in effective communication?

Well, an online webinar/seminar is an online presentation, meeting or conference conducted on the Internet. It does not only help in easy and effective communication throughout the world, but also provides a collaborative and interactive platform for all.

Benefits of Online Webinars on Employees:

  • Innovative Tool for enhancing efficiency.
  • Brings in more interaction and communication.
  • It provides a collaborative platform for all.
  • Participants are more comfortable to join in the conversation

4. Group Discussions

Technology has made communication easier. You can connect with anyone, in any part of the world with a mere click.

But the question is – Are the current communication methods productive?

Necessarily Not. Group Discussions are more productive than meetings.

Group Discussions are an open platform for all to express their opinion on important matters like the Company’s Budget, Management, Inventory, etc. A McKinsey study states “Emails consume over 28% of an employee’s time”.

Advantages of Group Discussion:

  • Better Decision Making
  • Increased Understanding
  • Opinion Diversity
  • Collective Contribution
  • Abundance of Information

5. Avoid Unnecessary Meetings

Train and develop employees through workshops, webinars, individual coachings, and seminars. Avoid unnecessary team meetings and conferences. Training sessions and workshops have proven to be more fruitful and informative when compared to small team meetings.

Even if you are calling up for a team meeting, ask yourself the relevance and productivity of the session. Also, keep the session, both engaging and interactive.  Do a little research, bring in statistics and infographics, for a clear understanding and objectivity of the meeting. Highlight the company’s revenue, mission, vision, and goal.

6. Team Outings

Take your employees on a team outing to let off some steam and increase their productivity. Be friendly and bonhomie; leave your boss’s attitude in the office. It is also helpful to organize corporate team building activities to give your staff a fun-filled experience outside the workplace.

employees talking with each other discussing about mental well-being-Increase Productivity

7. Face to Face Interactions

Howsoever digitized your organization shall stand, a face to face interaction is a must.

Knowing your employees’ skills and communication style is an essential step toward maximizing productivity. Acknowledge your employees by their names. Motivate and praise their work. Meet them in person and give genuine feedback.

Additionally, it will give you a broader idea to match tasks to skill.

For example, An extrovert, highly vocal, and the outgoing person is probably a great person for sales. However, he/she might struggle with documentation and other intrusive tasks.

Benefits of F2F Interaction and Communication:

  • Effective Interaction
  • Protects Confidentiality
  • Builds Relationship
  • Enhances trust
  • Increased Credibility

8. Enjoyment Breaks

Bring in some fun to the workplace. Set up TT Tables, pool table, foosball, and other games in the breaks arena. Put in some couches, bean bags and sofas and let some gossip be at lunch. Enjoyment breaks are a must!!

Well, No wonder. Employees might switch to playing TT and pool over smoking cigarettes.

Advantages of Bringing Fun to Work:

  • Increased Learning
  • Better Team Building
  • Increased Interaction
  • Fun and Relaxing Pass Time

9. Lively Atmosphere

Whether you have a big media house or a small growing business, maintaining a good workplace environment is a must. Do not be a dictator.

Keep your office cabin open for all.  Bring in projects which would involve a lot of your employees to work together. Help them to respect each other’s ideas and also contradict them with supportive answers.

These are some of the natural and efficient ways that will help you in maximizing the productivity and efficiency of your employees. Be a boss, but do not overrule the process. Bring in the fun while you increase the productivity and efficiency of your employees at the office. We are sure these efficiency tips will make all the difference in your workplace.



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