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Undeniably, education is critically important. When it comes to the most critical part of an individuals’ academic life, for many it’s their higher education.

Although being in college is hard in many ways: financially, academically, personally, and more, the returns studying for a college degree are frequently worth it. Obtaining a college degree is one way for students to stand out from others in a highly competitive job market. It can also help them fulfill their life goals and career aspirations.

That does not mean it is for everyone, however. It is not the only way to succeed. Those individuals who choose to take other routes can, and often still do, achieve their goals,  and find happiness and personal fulfillment. 

Nonetheless, if you are unsure whether you should go for a college degree or not, here are a few reasons you might want to consider taking the plunge.

1. It Is a Primary Requirement for Many Jobs

The increased competition in the job market has made it difficult for young adults to get the most entry-level white-collar jobs in almost every industry. That’s the reason why one in three adults is a graduate in the US. In major fields, including science and technology, education, and even for some business sectors, it has become all-important for people to at least own a bachelor’s degree to start their careers with a reasonable job.

Recent studies show that around 37 percent of jobs in the US require some post-high school education, while 21 percent required a bachelor’s degree. By 2020 it’s estimated that two-thirds of job openings will need post-secondary education or training in almost every – stated by the U.S Department of Education. Reasonable or not, in the coming years, a college degree will be indispensable in securing employment opportunities. 

2. It Helps in Higher Earnings

Though any form of education you take is an investment you make for your future, a college education is an investment that usually offers the highest returns.

In the US, college graduates earn 66 percent more than people with high school diplomas. On average, a college graduate makes around $68,000 per year which is almost $25000 higher than someone with a high school diploma or GED. With those figures, the lifetime average of a worker with a bachelor’s degree is approximately $1 million more than a worker with post-secondary education.

There’s quite a jump in earnings from post-secondary education to a bachelor’s degree at college. This is what makes them very useful when it comes to having higher earning potential.

3. It Helps You Prepare for a Specific Job

The job market is continuously changing as the world changes. Fields like technology, education, and health are ones that are rapidly growing, making it difficult for people to get the right job without having higher education degrees. Perhaps without a college degree in these fields, you may be seen as an undesirable candidate for a position in these fields. But with a college degree, you increase your chances to attract employers and get yourself a job interview.

This is primarily because your degree will help you learn the specific skills needed to make a living in these areas. It will help you get a direct route to a particular job and help you climb up your organizational hierarchy in a matter of time.

4. It Helps You to Develop a Network

The time you spend in college is among the most useful ones in your life. Not it helps you in creating lifelong friendships; it’s incredibly beneficial when it comes to building, and maintaining a professional network.

Good networking is quite crucial for success in today’s competitive job market. And studying for a college degree can help you build one primarily because certain aspects of getting a college degree are designed to help you collaborate and communicate with other people in the same field. Often these people help you to develop your future and set you in the right direction for a lucrative career.

A student studying for a degree in college can take advantage of various development sources that are accessible on their campus. Such as career counselors, job fairs, professors, and even other students. All of them can help you develop a professional network.

Networking - Hidden Job Market

5. It Enables You to Get a Promotion

You may be currently employed and enjoy working with your current employer, but time and again you find it hard to get a promotion. Yes, you may have all the necessary skills that it takes for a higher position in your organization’s ladder but what you may lack is a degree in your relevant field.

This is when a college degree can help you manage to go higher on the ladder and get a promotion at your current job. It helps in erasing all your academic credential concerns and places you in the best position to achieve a higher position in your organization. Also, it enables you to overcome any competition with your peers for a promotion at a specific post you are interested in.

6. It Helps You Sharpen Communication and Collaborative Skills

College gives you the perfect ground to improve communication and cooperative skills, both necessary to get success in professional life. The time you spend in college communicating with others, eventually helps you to become an active and engaging communicator at the workplace.

Along with growing verbal skills, you also learn how to work well with other individuals. Time at college is ideal for students to work in a collaborative environment. They can work with other students on different projects and polish their teamwork skills. Not only it can help in improving their collaborative skills but also help to assist their leadership qualities.

7. It Helps You to Get Personal Growth

In case you are happy with your professional life and not looking for a career that comes from a four college degree, then you would probably question the value of your degree.

Well, studying for a college degree is not only about higher earnings, promotions, and a secure career. There is also more to it. College experiences can be pivotal to some when it comes to getting personal growth.  For example, the experience can help you to acquire self-confidence, positive attitude, time management abilities, problem-solving skills, and more.

Further, it also helps you to get out on your own and make independent decisions in life. It assists you to determine and prioritize things that are important for your day-to-day life. Making you an intellectual individual – someone that can make good decisions on his or her own!

8. It Helps You Get Self-satisfaction and Life Satisfaction

When you have a college degree under your belt, you feel proud and accomplished. You automatically feel an inner sense of satisfaction in life. It becomes easier to believe you can achieve your goals and ambitions in life. Beyond that, you rest assure that you are capable of achieving what you desire in life, and you have the degree to prove it.

Also, when you are a well literate individual, you understand how to improve and maintain your mental well-being. When in college, you learn critical thinking and reasoning skills that stay with you for a lifetime. Both of them will help you in accessing more resources to live a better life when compared to when you are less educated.

Wherever your interest lies and whatever career you might want to pursue, there are reasons to pursue a college degree. A majority of them help in upward mobility in your career, a new opportunity to learn and grow financially and live a satisfactory life.  

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