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Time is money, the saying goes. So, when we waste our time, we also waste our money. Likewise, by saving time, we also save money. Therefore, every working person wants to save time and increase their productivity by employing productivity tools.

The online tool developers realize it very well, and so the Internet is quite saturated with such tools to choose from. In fact, there are so many of those out there, that it is easy to get confused.

So, we have decided to pick the top 8 productivity tools to save your time:

1. Tools by Google

This is the first most obvious choice since Google and its services are enjoying wide use by millions of people around the world. Here are some of their tools to boost your productivity.

Google Drive is the next logical step after Google Docs and Google Spreadsheets. It is meant to help you to create, edit, manage, and share various kinds of files.

Google Calendar is convenient for scheduling appointments and other events, and keeping oneself reminded thereof.

Google Alerts is a unique tool. It will let you know whenever your company, or brand name, or any other specified term is mentioned anywhere online.

Google Keep is used for creating and storing notes. Much like other note tools, it is a basic and simple tool to make and keep notes and images.

2. Toggl

Basically, it is a timer. You just turn it on whenever you start a certain task, and the timer begins. Simple as it is, it gives you information regarding how much time it takes you to accomplish a certain task, as well as a number of tasks.

Ultimately, it provides you with comprehensive and structured statistics on the time you have spent doing various activities. That is how exactly you have spent your time. With these stats at hand, you can analyze the way you spend your time and figure out ways to optimize it.

3. Scoro

This is a complex productivity tool that gives you a complete overview of your business in just one click. This is done in the form of customized dashboards that may include the information on the workflow, sales, budget, etc. All the details that you need to know.

It also allows you to manage your clientele and your projects, connect them to tasks, and assign tasks to the employees.

And all these functions also come with the option to specify the billing information. So you can keep track of all the processes going on in your company or department moneywise.

4. Wunderlist

If you are not so good at remembering what you need to do today, then you should probably set up a to-do list. Wunderlist is a great app for that. It allows you to add tasks both beforehand and on the go, and you do not even need to open the app to do that.

The tasks can be one-time or recurrent. You can also integrate it into your browser, so you see your to-do list before you begin browsing.

So, if you keep forgetting what it was that you needed to do, try Wunderlist and forget about this problem.

5. SaneBox

As soon as you go online and get yourself your very first email address, you begin to accumulate subscriptions. Eventually, they flood your mailbox up to the point where it becomes even harder to find the really necessary and urgent mail that demands immediate attention.

You can go deleting the unnecessary mail manually, you can try and organize your mailbox into custom folders and subfolders, – either way, it takes a lot of time and effort.

With SaneBox, you can save this time and effort. It can be integrated into your existing mailbox, and the app learns your preferences, moving the unimportant mail to the SaneLater box.

6. LastPass

This is a password manager. It stores all your passwords in one place.

It may seem like remembering and inputting your passwords only takes a few seconds of your working time, but these are the seconds of distraction, and after your password is input, you need a few more moments to concentrate. This may add up to a serious loss of precious time, but LastPass is here to prevent it.

LastPass is perfectly secure, and it also increases your overall security, because now you don’t need to remember your passwords, you can have them as complex as you like. Besides, when you don’t need to input your password on your keyboard, this makes it harder to hack.

7. Slack

It is a totally innovative kind of messenger. It not only allows you to stay in touch with your teammates and colleagues at all times. Also allows you to create topic-based channels and include people who have to do with the topic.

You do not need to create the channels from scratch, you can import the channels from other sources – for example, your social media.


This acronym stands for If This Than That. This app is extremely user-friendly, but it allows you to do stuff that would normally need a programmer’s assistance. It allows you to link your apps into complex recipes, and the possible complexity of the recipes will be limited only by your imagination.

A simple example of how you can employ it is to set all the pictures that you take with your phone camera to be automatically uploaded to various external places, such as DropBox, Facebook, etc.

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