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When you create your resume, it is important to set aside enough time to do it properly. Many people tend to make the same resume mistakes over and over again. It is time for us all to learn from the resume mistakes of the past and get it right.

Your resume should be a summary of all the great things you did and hope to achieve. The message you communicate through your resume should set you apart from the rest. Focus on your knowledge and experience linked to the position you are applying for.

Let us have a look at some common yet repeated mistakes made by applicants.

1. Spelling Errors and Grammar Mistakes

We all do it. Spelling errors might be a little easier to correct but you would be surprised how many grammar mistakes one picks up. It is astonishing to me that even people in high powered positions still make these mistakes.

2. Having a Generic Resume

This is a big challenge for employers. You cannot just create one resume and send it to anyone and everyone advertising a post.

Make sure every resume you send out had been specifically adjusted to the specific application.

3. Failing to Include a Cover Letter

Your resume is basically a point by point document confirming your achievements and capabilities. Your cover letter is part of the format of the resume. Do not send your application without a cover letter.

Resume mistakes

4. No Structure

Does your resume have a flow or is it just a bunch of random facts thrown together? The structure of your resume is very important. If it does not have structure, it could tell the employee that you are a poor planner.

5. Irrelevant Job Information

We’ve all seen it; the resume that goes back till 1981 when you were a caretaker of your neighbor’s mom. The position you are applying for is that of an accountant. The two could not be any less related.

Make sure you focus on the posts and positions which allow you to showcase your talent and experience.

6. Artsy Affair

Do not print your resume on bright pink paper. Please, trust me on this one. You will not impress a serious employer with stickers, hearts, and glitter.

Make sure your resume screams professional, put together, and capable person. This is a presentation of who you are so careful of the message you send out.

7. The Big L – Lying on Your Resume

This is a big one and it happens more than we know. Lying on your resume about some experience and knowledge you don’t have is just going to haunt you. Remember, if you say you can do something, you will probably be put to the test. It is going to be brutal when you fail at something you said you are a pro at. Now is that embarrassing moment really worth the lie?

8. Difficult to Read

Your resume is not a love letter or an essay. If you are going to write long paragraphs that bore the employer, it will probably be a fail. Instead, create /edit your resumes in point form.

Have proper headings for each section and make sure they flow into each other. Do not leave too many open gaps where you leave the employer wondering about why you did not include 2009. If done point form, it is very easy to do a two-page resume with about 10 years of information on there. Learn to summarize.

Avoid these resume mistakes and get it right the first time. We all make small errors that can cause us a really big opportunity.

Pay attention to what you are doing and make sure you get it right every time.

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Ann West is a content manager at ResumeEditingService.com. Her hobby is writing, reading and travelling. She has a dream of becoming a well-known author and publishing her book. Ann`s life credo is “Never give up, great things take time”.

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