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Courtesy of the massive adoption of new communication technology such as slide shares and videos, there have been predictions that job application tools such as resumes would be a thing of the past. However, the predictions have been proved wrong. More than ever before resumes and cover letters have become as important as the qualifications of a candidate for a job.

Nevertheless, there has been a drastic change – resume writing has become a serious business. The New York Times confirms the fact that the way you present your resume will largely determine whether you get the job or not.

Here are top tips on how to best pen your resume in pursuit of your dream job according to Find My Profession.

1. Know What You Are Looking for

So many people want to get employed for money or prestige. Even if you qualify for a certain post, don’t apply for it if you are not passionate about the kind of job being offered.

Keep in mind that the first step towards writing an excellent resume is determining what you want—only then can you write it whole-heartedly.

2. Show Your Winning Effort

One of the details you will give in your resume is your accomplishments in your career. You will, of course, let the interviewer know that you won a coveted award or were selected for a prestigious program. Remember that it is all about standing out.

Thus, you need to show how hard you worked for recognition. In other words, you must let your potential employer know that a certain number of people were competing for the position but you rose above them all.

3. Detail Your Accomplishments

Many people explain their achievements in previous work endeavors through plain words. If you want to stand out, go the extra mile of quantifying your accomplishments.

According to Forbes, job applicants should bring out the details not only in words but also in numbers.

Let the prospective employer, for example, know that you managed 400 employees or you were in charge of fulfilling the needs of 100 clients during your time at your previous post.

4. Only Reveal the Most Relevant Experiences

Don’t make the mistake of including experiences or even skills that are not relevant to the job you are applying for. In other words, you have to revise your previous resumes to fit the current job requirements.

If there’s a big gap in the period between your former job and the current one, show that you spent your time constructively. For instance, state that you were involved in a volunteer program.

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5. Associate Yourself with Popular Brands

You may not have directly worked with the biggest brands in the world. However, you should find a way of making a connection with them.

You will not only build credibility but also show that you are serious in your work. Even the slightest connection can take you steps ahead of the rest of the applicants.

6. Consistency Is Key

Don’t send different messages even if you are forwarding your resume to different employers. Establish and maintain a personal brand. According to CNBC, consistency in resumes will show the recruiters that you have successfully established yourself.

Furthermore, know the kind of company you are sending your resume to and research on the most commonly used phrases on its website. For instance, use such verbs as advertised, promoted, and marketed when explaining your marketing achievements to an established company.

7. Contact the Employees

It might seem taking it a bit too far, but reaching out to the people working for your prospective employer will be a great help. Remember that they are the insiders who can give you an insight into what is needed.

Don’t hesitate to tell them about your job application plans and let them provide you with feedback on what you already have.

Final Remarks

Writing a resume may seem easy. However, writing an outstanding resume calls for talent, hard work, and experience.

If you are still not sure about how to make your resume stand out, consider getting professional help—it can greatly increase the chances of getting the position you deserve. In fact, according to the New York Times, finding professional help in writing a resume is an important part of the job-seeking process.

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