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A home office may seem like a luxury reserved for those who live in sprawling abodes, but that’s simply not the case anymore. Pioneering designers and homeowners before you have put on their space-management hats and transformed the most surprising of areas into home offices.

No need to make the guest room do double-duty anymore. Simply implement one of the following 7 ideas and feel instantly more productive — whether that means at work or at watching a medley of cat videos on YouTube.

1. Trapped in the Closet

It might be hard to imagine giving up closet space, but it’s an easy, renovation-free way to give yourself a brand new home office. A closet the width of a single door will do, and it doesn’t have to be too deep of a space, either. Spend a weekend removing the door, fitting a tabletop flush with the walls, and even adding shelves overhead for extra storage. Because the closet was meant to be tucked away, your office will be, too.

2. Have a Hutch

Another way to ensure you create a well-contained office is to, well, contain it. Find a large hutch or armoire and add shelves and a tabletop that folds out. This option, like the closet renovation, allows you to customize the look and feel of your home office, even if it’s kept behind closed doors. Add customizations, such as bulletin boards, whiteboards, or organizational bin.

Home Office Decoration

3. Hallo, Office

It’s a passageway to other rooms, but you might want to start spending more time in your hallway. Despite their narrow dimensions, it’s possible to fit a sizeable workspace in this otherwise ignored space. To save even more space, grab a stool or other type of seat that will fit entirely under the table — you’ll be able to walk by in peace. And, because no one really hangs out in hallways, you’ll be able to work in peace, too.  Image Source:

4. Stairway to Productivity

Harry Potter was the first to do it, but you could inhabit the space under your stairs, too. The triangular nook beneath a staircase is the perfect size for a small desk. Perhaps you’ve got kids who want to do homework, or you need just a bit of tabletop space to place your laptop. This option doesn’t give you much space to spread out, but it could be just enough for your situation.  

5. Professional Bedside Manner

Your nightstand might hold a lamp and a few books, but it could also house an extremely space-conscious home office. Pop your laptop on it, pull up a chair and voila. Just make sure you set limits on work hours so that the glow from your computer screen is not disturbing your partner as he or she tries to sleep.  Image Source:

6. Park It

Garages often have a good amount of extra space. You probably need some room to store tools, toys, and anything else that doesn’t have a place indoors, but you could also reserve some of the garage space for a home office.

If you’re thinking a garage is a dingy and otherwise uninspiring place to work, think again: a set of gorgeous new garage doors can transform the look and feel of your garage. Updated floors and painted walls work wonders, too. Decide how much space you want to devote; if it’s the whole garage, it could even become a place to work and chill, too. Image Source : 

7. If All Else Fails

Remote Working

Your place might not have any of these options available, but you probably have a kitchen table. In this case, grab an office caddy and fill it with everything you need to be productive. With your pens, post-its, and calculator in tow, you can transform your table into the office you need, when you need it. If you find yourself using your home office regularly, dedicated a corner of the kitchen to hold the supplies you need for work.  Here’s the Image Source.  

What are you waiting for? Use the tips above to find the small-scale office that speaks to you and start working!

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