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Switchboard operator, lector, ice cutter, daguerreotypist—all of these are jobs which no longer exist due to changes in technology. Marketing, on the other side, is an area that keeps on evolving, precisely thanks to technology and all the fantastic, creative people working in this field.

Pursuing a career in marketing, therefore, makes sense if you want to be successful. If you think marketing isn’t for you because you don’t know how to come up with creative slogans like Mad Men’s Don Draper, think again because marketing isn’t just one thing. There are plenty of different jobs you can choose in this area.

Let us take a look at some of the 2019’s most promising marketing careers to explore so that you can get a clearer picture.

1. Market Research

Market research is often underestimated, but a crucial part of any marketing strategy, and it requires forming a team or hiring a company which deals specifically with this area. People doing this kind of work are a necessary element for any business wanting to succeed, and that’s why you’ll never run out of business if you choose to pursue this option.

The career includes researching companies (competitors) and individuals (audience and customers) to understand the consumer and capture the market.

It is conducted by reviewing studies, performing surveys, analyzing data, and using focus groups.

The ideal candidate for this position is a person with the capability of collecting and interpreting data.

The jobs to pursue are a market analyst, supervisor, manager, and director.

2. Brand Management

A brand manager is often the key person in the consumer products industry. People working in this position assume responsibility for a brand by remaining focused on the bigger picture. It is their job to identify marketing opportunities, map out the competitors, and guide the market research team, if necessary.

When the research is completed, they analyze the data collected by the research team and set the agenda based on it, and finally develop a marketing strategy. Brand managers are also in charge of drafting promotions, new ad campaigns, new product or a new vision for the entire brand.

The qualities of a person applying for such a job are enthusiasm, responsibility, independence, and thrive for change.

Positions available in this area are a brand manager, product manager, and product development manager.

3. Advertising

This is one of the careers we most frequently link to marketing. While you shouldn’t believe anything you see on TV when it comes to choosing your profession, “Mad Men” came pretty close in describing an advertising agency (at least the one in the Mid-century), at least when it comes to the creative part.

The creative marketing department is a dream job for most of the marketing enthusiasts, because it, as its name suggests, allows you to express your creativity and come up with ads and campaigns.

However, there is much more to marketing career than a creative writer and director. You can also be an account manager – the connection between the marketing departments and the clients.

There is also the job of a media buyer who finds and communicates with media to find space to place ads.

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4. Promotions

Most marketing firms have dedicated teams for promotions. These teams are in charge of creating programs that join marketing and motivation for purchase such as coupons, giveaways, sales, discounts, samples, sweepstakes, rebates, and promotional products.

They often use advertisements, kick-off events, telemarketing, and direct mail to attract buyers. The team needs to listen to the beat of the market, observe what the competitors are doing, and do something entirely different.

Choosing the promotional products is very tricky because you need to go further than branded t-shirts, and maybe decide on something less expected such as customized lapel pins with your logo. Giveaways and similar actions always need to have a clear purpose and goal ahead.

As you see, the promotional department of a marketing company is no joke, as it requires creativity, analytical approach, and initiative.

5. Public Relations

Public Relations is a career that exists for a long time now, but it wasn’t until recently that it became necessary for companies. Earlier, it was reserved for celebrities and politicians, but now every business needs to have someone who’ll keep the community posted, communicate with the media, and be ready when a reputation crises arise (which can happen now and then).

The job often includes portraying the company in a flattering light and generating a positive buzz around what the company’s doing.

To do well in PR, you need to be a quick thinker, persuasive, outgoing, confident, and assertive. Also, you need to have strong communication skills (both written and spoken), the ability to understand people and convey your thoughts clearly, and the capacity to understand clients and communicate their messages effectively.

In this area, you can work as a PR consultant, Public Relations Coordinator, or specialize in communication with the media.

6. Social Media

Today it is impossible to run a business without social media presence, and even the smallest companies have their social media accounts. However, this is not a job that can be done ad-hoc. It requires hiring a specialist who understands how to play by the rules of each platform, how to communicate with the users, and how to come up with and implement a social media strategy.

The responsibilities of social media specialists include building a strategy through research, platform determination, and audience identification, generating daily content, moderating user-generated content, creating editorial calendars, and collaborating with other departments.

The qualities you need for this job are writing and editing skills, social networking experience, a positive attitude, and organizational ability.

7. Content Marketing and SEO

These two departments go hand in hand, as their primary purpose is to position your website at the top of the results of search engines. Content marketing experts are in charge of placing the content on the web, including the website of the company and another relevant site which can drive traffic to the specific page. Content marketing includes blogs, eBook publications, and guest blogging. The careers in this field include content writer and content manager.

The role of the SEO experts is to examine opportunities, oversee the production of content, and perform keyword research.

Some careers in marketing are not older than your average school kid, while some have been here for ages. Regardless of the length of their presence, all of the mentioned positions have a bright future ahead of them, and if you choose to enter one of them, they may carry a bright future for you, as well. 

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