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One thing that every artist who goes through creative blocks should understand is that a creative block is not a problem but a symptom. It is your mind that is addressing an obstruction that needs to be removed from the way to walk ahead and accomplish the desired result. A creative block happens when an artist feels stuck and is unable to complete an ongoing creative project or to come up with fresh creative ideas for a new project.

The blockage can cause damage to the career as well. It can break your brand image that you created by putting in many efforts. However, a creative block can damage that image. It can cause you to have bad reviews on social channels of interaction.

There can be some reasons behind a creative block, and each type of the block may need a different solution. It is important to point out the causes before you go for any solution to save time and have a quick fix. This article aims to address the possible origins of a creative block so that it will be easier to resolve the issue. Below are some of the possible reasons along with the appropriate solutions.

1. Your Idealism is being the Barrier

Artists have this trait of being idealistic as they draw inspiration from perfection. This trait is what allows them to see beauty in everything and reflect a version of reality in their artworks that move viewers. This is because they know what perfection looks like and how to identify it in a seemingly imperfect version of reality.

They have an ideal version of the truth that they see through their imagination and illustrate it in their work. This is probably why they are often told that they live in their head. However, their idealism can sometimes cause them to have a creative block.

What causes this type of creative block is the fact that their expectations from themselves are also very idealistic and when they feel that they are failing at producing something that would match their criteria of perfection, they unconsciously restrain from building anything at all.

In easier words, sometimes an artist’s mind has this fear that they would not be able to create something good and thus, it ceases from anything at all.

To resolve this issue, an artist should become a little less hard on themselves and make themselves understand that even the finest of the artists sometimes produce mediocre art sometimes. And giving yourself enough freedom is one of the significant elements that you need for creating a valuable piece of art.

2. You are Working Too Much

The second possible reason that we are discussing here is workload and exhaustion. Putting too much work pressure on your mind can also cause a creative block. Trying to do too much work at once will only create chaos and make you feel that you are incapable of achieving your goals. There should be a limit of how much work you get done in a day.

Take one project at once and schedule a consistent routine to complete it. This will infuse a sense of accomplishment as you will be able to complete your tasks on a daily basis.

3. You are Not Motivated Enough

A sense of purpose and motivation is vital for getting things done. Usually, creative individuals who choose to earn by doing what they love, work privately. They work on a project because they love their profession. However, there come times when they feel unmotivated as they do not find a particular project exciting or there is something else that distastes them.

Here, you should learn how to motivate yourself at such times. You can choose to reward yourself with something you like at the end when you do well. This will keep you motivated as you will something to look forward to, every day.

4. Exploration can help

Sometimes the reason for a block is just lack of exposure. For instance, if you own a business and you are willing to create your logo free, you can choose to explore online templates available on different logo making websites and applications. This will allow you to see how to begin.

5. Procrastination Can Be the Reason

One reason that can cause a creative blockage is the development of the habit of procrastination. Artists who work private projects can be a victim of procrastination as they do not have the pressure of deadlines. As it is essential to keep your mind stress-free to produce good work, it is also crucial to have some drive to get things done.

Creativity is a process that has its sources in the unconscious, and this is why you need to tell your mind that you need to get a piece of work done to have your share of ideas pushed through the subconscious to the conscious mind.

6. Personal Life and Work

There is a possibility that you have personal issues that will restrict you from thinking attentively about your projects and this causes the block. A simple solution of keeping your personal life from causing any disruption in the creative process. That is, to have a proper routine and train your mind to maintain focus. Also, understand that it is not wise to damage your professional life because of a problem in your personal life as a broken career will only increase the difficulty.

7. Lack of Inspiration

Your inability to come up with creative ideas can occur merely because of the lack of inspiration. You may need to browse through the internet and see some outstanding artworks to have ideas. Go through the works of good artists to gain motivation for your projects. Also, relax your mind and allow yourself to imagine freely by doing activities like brainstorming. This will push through ideas from the depths of your mind and bring them on the front surface. 

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