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The world of marketing is both extensive and pervasive. All businesses depend on marketing functions to increase their brand awareness, engage with their consumer base and curate an active presence online. So with that being said, if you are thinking about a career in the marketing profession, there are numerous opportunities to choose from.

You might have a basic idea of marketing as the strategy an organization uses to endorse its products or services, but this is more complex than just your working definition.

A job in this industry could run the gamut from designing a logo to tracking metrics and numbers to coding a website to maintaining a blog to launching a Facebook advertisement.

With all this versatility, marketing is both a scientific and artistic discipline, so the career possibilities span just about everywhere across the board.

The ubiquitous demand for this industry makes it an excellent springboard to utilize your strengths and credentials—whether you are creative, analytical or somewhere in between.

If the idea of a career in marketing interests you, but wading through all the different job titles and descriptions is not your speed, here is a breakdown of positions that have been trending in recent years and will continue to surge in popularity throughout 2018.  

1. Digital Content Writer

In this role, your main function is to create relevant and shareable content for a website in the form of blog posts, articles, newsletters and press releases. These can either be published on the business’s website or featured on other high traffic platforms as guest pieces linked back to the original source.

As a content writer, your purpose is to grow the number of internet users visiting the website on a consistent basis through the usage of keyword specific phrases directly associated with that brand.

2. Social Media Strategist

In this role, your main function is to enhance the recognition of a particular brand on social media channels such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, Pinterest and others. This includes generating promotional campaigns, tracking performance metrics and scheduling posts for each of the networks.

As a social media strategist, your purpose is to continually attract more followers who turn into potential customers and business leads. In fact, social media has become the lifeblood of digital marketing.    

3. Community Manager

In this role, your main function is to interact with the followers that a social media strategist acquires in order to build connections. This means facilitating conversations with the target audience, soliciting their feedback, moderating comment threads to ensure respectful dialogue or piquing their interest with a call to action.

As a community manager, your purpose is to give the business a relational human touch, so whereas a social media strategist’s work is quantitative, yours is qualitative.  

4. Search Engine Optimization Specialist

In this role, your main function is to elevate a website’s search engine ranking and increase its visibility to users who are otherwise unfamiliar with that business. This requires aptitude in search engine optimization (SEO)—keyword tactics specifically—as Google examines a website looking for phrases that are applicable to its search results.

As an SEO specialist, your purpose is to integrate those keywords into all website content, from the home page and subheads to the blog posts and meta tags.      

SEO Activities-Careers in Marketing

5. Web Design Specialist

In this role, your main function is to develop the features, appearance and layout of a website in order to promote visual interest and user-friendly experience. This is an ideal career if you are both right and left brain inclined because it utilizes graphic design and computer programming skills.

As a web design specialist, your purpose is to create an attention-grabbing website that reflects the brand identity, update the content on a regular basis and troubleshoot glitches to boost performance efficiency.

6. Media Coordinator

In this role, your main function is to oversee the conception and execution of advertising campaigns in print and digital media. This entails maintaining positive relationships with media publications and social influencers in order to leverage their name recognition toward extending your promotional bandwidth.

As a media coordinator, your purpose is to communicate with editors and clients, negotiate costs of advertisement space, then forecast and monitor the projected outcome of each campaign.

7. Brand Ambassador

In this role, your main function is to represent the business on the front lines and provide a memorable face to face experience that engages the target demographic. This is carried out both online and through direct, personal contact.

As a brand ambassador, your purpose is to communicate all the reasons you support this brand and why others should too use any means available.

This can manifest itself in a variety of forms, so here is an example of some brand ambassador strategies with measurable success:

  • Attending community events
  • Sparking word of mouth discourse
  • Hosting product demonstrations
  • Writing reviews on Yelp or Google
  • Posting related content on social media
  • Creating internet forum threads
  • Leaving promotional material in public areas
  • Wearing branded items on your person
  • Recruiting for the company’s “Street Team”

 In order to equip yourself for any of these marketing careers, it is first advisable to obtain a degree in business.

Some universities also offer a specialized marketing track which exposes you to all the different sectors and divisions within this wide-ranging industry.

Outside the classroom, you should focus on honing leadership, technological, communication, teamwork and interpersonal skills. These are critically important to maximize your success and influence in the marketing sphere.  

It is also worth noting, these positions afford a certain degree of flexibility because you can either work with the staff in a company’s marketing department or choose the freelance route and contract your services to multiple agencies or clients. So if a traditional nine to five office job has never excited you, being a consultant based marketer is an option too. Whatever route you choose, this profession is diverse, stimulating, innovative and rewarding for anyone who wants to reimagine their career prospects in 2018—and beyond.  


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Mats Johnson is an Executive Director and Chief Marketing Officer at VGW, the company that revolutionized the social gaming industry with their Chumba Casino and Global Poker brands. Over the past two decades, Johnson has held many senior positions in online gaming including General Manager at Centrebet, Director at Coral Eurobet, Chief Executive Officer at Playsafe and CMO at Expekt. When Johnson isn’t working he enjoys playing poker and skydiving.

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