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According to the Graduate Management Admission Council (GMAC) survey, 75% of the employers, surveyed in the 2015 Year-End Poll stated that they intended to hire MBAs, with 85% of them believing the number would stay the same or increase going forward.

A career advisor at the JCU Online suggests, “When you consider how disruptive the global business landscape is, the pace at which technological advancements are sprouting up, and how high and unpredictable consumers’ demands have become, the surveyed employers’ claim seems more plausible than ever.

Companies, now more than ever, need the most equipped professionals to handle the various, interconnected facets of their business operations, giving global MBAs a plethora of good options.”

Here’s are some of the 7 best career options after a Global MBA:

1. Marketing Managers

Marketing is experiencing an unprecedented surge in popularity and demand. Just to give you an idea, by 2020, the global marketing spending will exceed $1.3 trillion, according to Smart Insights.  

In a globalized world that breeds endless possibilities and fierce competition, marketing directors have more responsibilities and opportunities to shine than ever before. It’s their job to spot international market trends, find new ways of reaching new audiences, devise pricing strategies, develop and maintain a captivating company image, and much more.

The burden of these complex requirements is reflected in their salaries.

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), the 2017 median annual salary of marketing managers was $129,380, with the projected employment growth from 2016-2026 being 10%.

2. Health Services Manager

Health services are considered one of the fastest-growing industries in the U.S.

Health services managers are charged with the delicate task of balancing the business and humanitarian aspects of providing healthcare. While health facilities should strive to provide the best healthcare possible, they’re also places of business, and as such need to make money.

Health services managers streamline operations in various ways to find a happy medium.

Their 2017 median annual salary was $98,350, with 20% projected employment growth being 20% from 2016-2026, according to BLS.

3. Financial Manager

Financial jobs have always been coveted, but their popularity keeps rising at an even greater pace.

This is one, if not the most versatile role a global MBA, and any professional for that matter could strive for. From investment activities to budget oversight and all kinds of financial procedures and transactions, financial managers are the ones in charge of all those financial operations without which any business institutions would crumble.

The 2017 median annual pay for financial managers was $125,080, according to BLS, with a 19% projected employment growth from 2016-2026.

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4. Information Technology Director

With all the data that inundated lots of businesses, and the valuable insights and invaluable secrets it holds, protecting it is an absolute priority. And practically every year, there are major security breaches that cost large companies whooping amounts of money.

Information security directors bear the heavy responsibilities of protecting companies’ sensitive data. They do so by building firewalls, reinforcing passwords and various operational systems, devise the right IT policies, and have to do everything in their power to prevent data security breaches, and respectively react as quickly as possible in case of one.

Their median annual salary is currently $141,040, according to PayScale, with the projected employment growth being a whopping 28%, according to BLS.

5. Management Consultant

This is another one of the most versatile and widely applicable roles for global MBAs.

Global management consultants oversee a wide variety of issues most companies face, like adjusting to new regulations, controlling costs, optimizing efficiency and employees’ productivity, streamlining operations, and preparing for and facing arising and long-term challenges.

Those are the trusted professionals CEOs, COOs, and CFOs look to for expert advice.

Global management consultants’ 2017 median annual pay was $82,450, according to BLS, with the projected employment growth from 2016-2026 being 14%.

6. Supply Chain Manager

Supply chain managers are the definition of multitaskers and masters of logistics.

They’re the ones, intricately involved with the entire process of supplying a product, orchestrating its faith from before it’s even an actual product and only raw material.

Before the actual supply even begins, they have to schedule production and come up with cost estimates. After that, they monitor inventory and pick the vendors who can work with them to distribute the goods in a way that prevents storing too much inventory or inventory shortages, both of which result in financial losses.

Supply chain managers’ current median annual salary is $81, 354, according to PayScale, with the projected employment growth being 7%, according to BLS.

7. CEOs and CTOs

Those two roles don’t need an honorable mention, but we’ll do a quick one anyway.

CEOs and CTOs are the very epitomes of success and power. They are the ones at the very top of the corporate ladder, where everyone else wants to get. Their decisions shape not only companies’ future, but even the business landscape altogether.

The very fact that the first major step of the road to becoming CEO or CTO starts is getting a global MBA is arguably the best possible advertisement this degree, or any degree for that matter could ever hope for.

Median annual pay and projected employment growth are irrelevant here, since for CEOs and CTOs, as cliché as it may sound, the sky is the limit.

Global MBAs is one of the surest investments an aspiring business professional could ever make in his/her professional future, with those options currently being one of the safest and most lucrative bets.

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