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In a world filled with brands, how can you stand out? Today, businesses aren’t the only brand, as you’ll find numerous individuals who have made themselves brands. From Elon Musk to Neil Patel, individuals are sought out just like any business brand be it for solutions or knowledge.

But the process of building a brand isn’t easy. What you need to do is connect with others within your industry and outside it. The most efficient way to do that is through a blog.

Blogs have become the hub of information and advice. A personal blog lets you share your knowledge with others in your network. At the same time, when blogging is done properly, it will help you rank higher on search engines, which means that anyone searching the internet for topics you write about can have access to your blogs.

We breakdown exactly how a personal blog can help you establish your brand and even make you a sought after individual within your industry.

1. Stand-out in Your Industry

The first thing any blogger needs to do is figure out their niche. For example, a marketer would write about marketing probably focusing on digital since it is more prevalent today while a doctor would focus on medicine. You need to make your niche a passion and while adding personal things is fine, try to make it around the specific niche you select.

Picking a specific niche and sticking to it will make sure that your blog is focused and not here and there. This will allow you to build an audience, with time, from your industry at first, which will then expand with time.

Focusing on a specific niche also helps when it comes to SEO for big brands.

It can also work for small and newbie bloggers. For a lot of individuals, writing about their passion isn’t too difficult of a task. So coming up with posts isn’t hard. But as soon as you’ve decided on the niche, you need to do a little research on keywords related to it. This way you can incorporate them into your blog and improve your ranking for them.

This will result in your blog and website eventually ranking high on search results of users for those keywords. The more users that are exposed to your blog, the more traction your brand builds.

2. Gives You a Voice

Tim Ferris in an interview said that to build a personal brand, you must be yourself. The brand is your own, so rather than following someone or the public, just be yourself. Through your advice, wisdom, and personality, you can build a brand.

A blog presents you with a chance to do all of this and gives you the voice you need to reach out to the public. You can find and establish your brand’s voice with a blog. To do that, you need to make sure to add a bit of your personality in every post you write. This will make your blogs more relatable for readers because they know it is coming from someone like them. The personal touch allows them to engage with the posts more.

With time and more posts, a lot of the readers will come to your blog just for your brand’s voice.

3. Allows You to Become a Thought Leader

Becoming a thought leader within an industry is quite difficult. While a blog presents you with the opportunity, you need to take a certain approach to become a thought leader. It takes a lot more than just establishing a personal website, integrating a blog, and writing on and off.

To seize the opportunity to become a thought leader the first thing you will have to do is post regularly. There isn’t an exact science behind how often you should post but you want to make sure that it isn’t too frequent or too little.

When planning and writing the content, you need to focus on the following:

  • The topics you select should be topics within your niche that people are interested to read about.
  • The more content you post, the more likely you are to improve your SEO.
  • The more topics covered within your niche will allow your brand to be more refined. So plan to cover your niche as in-depth as you can to truly add value to the readers.
  • Have a mix of long and short-form posts, long-form posts work well for SEO, anywhere between 1,500-2,000 words, and present you with a chance to go more in-depth. But not everyone has the time to read long posts so that is why you should also write shorter forms.

The key to becoming a thought leader with blogs is to produce quality content. This is much easier said than done. But while you want to have personal bits in the blog, you also want to make sure that you use authoritative resources also especially when it comes to data. This not only backs up your claims and gives you credibility but also helps in terms of SEO.

Writing a Blog Post-Find A Professional Mentor

4. Gets You More Traffic

We have previously touched upon how blogs can help you generate more traffic. Traffic is key to building an online brand, be it business or personal. The more people you get that visit your site and read your blog, the more popular your brand becomes.

The key to generating more traffic through a blog is to focus on relevant keywords. You need to do thorough research on keywords that are commonly searched and write blogs using them. Keep the keyword usage between 1-2% and not more, overstuffing your content with keywords is more harmful than good.

Once again, the more content you write, the higher you will rank for keywords used, so make sure to find that perfect number of posts per week, 2-4 is ideal for personal blogs.

5. Improves Your Prospects

A blog presents anyone interested in further advancing within an industry with an opportunity to do so. It allows you to share your voice and knowledge within the specific niche you select. Since the blog is online, it will be available for anyone to read, including individuals from your and other companies.

It presents you with a platform to showcase your knowledge of your industry so that you can be valued more within it. A lot of job searchers can use blogs as a platform to show companies their knowledge and it is picking up a lot of steam.

Companies poach high-skilled individuals this way. As more individuals are making a personal brand online through a blog, employers always keep an eye out for individuals that can add value to their firm. So the more informative and valuable the information you share increases your chances of getting better opportunities.

6. Improves Your Outreach on Social Media

Blogs can greatly enhance your outreach and engagement on social media platforms. As you create posts, it gives you something to share on social media. Since this is for your brand, you can share it with your personal and professional network.

Doing so means, you will get more readership not just from those within your network but also from individuals that are in your friend’s network. Social media makes it easier for content to be shared and if your friends find your blogs helpful, they will surely share it with others.

Is there a set time for building a brand through a blog?

Things would be so easy if businesses and individuals, alike, knew that it would take them a certain amount of time before their blog generates more traffic and establishes them as a brand. Unfortunately, that is not the case because there is so much competition for space online. This means that building a brand through a blog will take some time.

You will see results and increased traffic within months but to build a brand it can take anywhere from 12 to 18 months. That too of consistently posting content and keeping up with the blog.

While blogging won’t get you overnight fame, it is an approach that will reward you in the long run. You can build relationships with other bloggers and influencers to help speed the process up.

Guest blogging also helps, you can first establish a name and gain a following through guest blogging then build your blog. There are some approaches to speed the process up, but patience and consistency are vital for building a brand online.

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