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Your boss asks you to handle another pile of documents, send several emails, and get involved in the planning process for a new project, but you’re not nearly done with the load of work you already have on your shoulders? I’ve been there.

In fact, I’m in such a situation every single day. Entrepreneurs want their employees to complete multiple tasks within a short period of time, so we have to boost our productivity levels if we want to step higher on the career ladder.

How exactly are we supposed to get more productive?

That goal isn’t that hard to achieve when we start using the right online tools.

Let me share 6 ultra-efficient tools that helped me become the favorite employee.

  1. SaneBox

Out of all activities in my job description, handling the company’s email is one frustrates me the most. There are tons of social media notifications and newsletters no one intends to read, but they are cluttering the inbox too much. The fact that Gmail categorizes these emails doesn’t help much, since I still need some of the insights. In other words, I can’t just delete everything on a whim.

SaneBox is a great tool that moves the less important email messages to a “SaneLater” folder. I can go through them when I get some free space throughout the day, so I’ll easily recognize the ones that actually need to be read. There is also a SaneBlackHole for all those annoying messages that no one ever reads.

  1. Buffer

Do you know how you become the Employee Of The Month?

You help increase the brand awareness. Every employee cares about proper online promotion, so you can do a lot for your company if you share some tweets and statuses that would attract potential customers.

Since I don’t like spending too much time on this extra activity, I discovered a tool that helps me be present on all social media platforms without wasting too much time.

Buffer allows me to schedule posts on several platforms. I set the tweets and Facebook status updates to be published when most of my friends are active. Buffer is awesome because it also allows me to track the success of those posts.

  1. AssignmentMasters

Who doesn’t hate writing presentations?

I have to spend entire days working on the file, but I don’t have time for all that, since my boss doesn’t want to extend the deadlines for all regular activities I’m in charge of. Thus, I end up with two options: take the work home and spend an entire weekend crafting the perfect presentation, or outsource.

Sometimes I do spend a weekend on a presentation that has my interest, but I can’t always do that. When I decide that enough is enough, I hire professional writers from AssignmentMasters – a service that pairs me with a writer who’s an expert in the given field of study.

  1. Dash

You know what I hate wasting time on?

Splitting the bill after our team is finished with the lunch at a restaurant. We used to check the bill, do some math to figure out the portion of each individual based on what he ate, and then… we were almost always short. It’s a really embarrassing situation.

Dash is awesome. I use the app to pay my part of the bill, so I impress my boss and coworkers with the way I handle the awkward moment. This is how it works: I keep tabs on all meals and drinks, and I add a tip. Then, the app tells me how much I owe, and I pay directly through it. No more waiting for a bill in a crowded restaurant and coming into the office late after a break.

  1. Trello

Daily to-do lists become a whole new experience when you use Trello. I was never so organized when I used a basic to-do app. I kept forgetting to include important tasks in the daily lists, simply because I didn’t have a nice view over all deadlines and pending documents.

Thanks to Trello, I can organize everything ideas and tasks beautifully. This is a team app, so I share the tasks with my colleagues when we’re working on a project together. Everybody loves the board filled with cards.

I can easily drag and drop the tasks into different sections, so I know which tasks I’m currently working on, which ones I have already completed, and what responsibilities are waiting to be covered.

  1. BuzzSumo

Are you following the news and trends related to your profession?

You should! My colleagues used to wonder why I was so obsessed with BuzzSumo, but they understood its awesomeness as soon as they started using it, too. This is how it works: I use it to research topics that are trending in the industry, and it launches results with relevant online content.

Thus, I read high-quality online publications and I always have something to say when my boss asks for our opinions on something that’s currently happening on the market.

There you have it – the ultimate list of efficient tools that make me a more productive office worker. Try them without delays and tell me what you think.

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